Update about the 18.5 release

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a week since our last message, so here’s an update on the Apple certification issue.

We’ve been hard at work bringing a new subscription/login workflow to life and believe we’ve reached a point where it’s safe to send to Apple. However, we’re going to do things the old way this time around. That means we’ll ship to Android first, as a phased release, to a small percentage of users at a time, then to iOS once things are stable on Android.

In the continued spirit of transparency, let me explain why…

This change impacts the way subscriptions are sent and registered to the server and the way users log into Infinite Flight Pro. While we’ve done extensive testing as part of our beta program, there’s always issues that can happen when the app gets in the hands of a massive number of users over a short period of time.

The best solution to mitigate this and catch issues before they spread is to release to a small crowd and monitor for issues before expanding the reach. Android having no certification process allows us to iterate and push hotfixes quickly in the event of the discovery of a widespread issue.

While Apple does have a phased release system, they still permit users to manually update the app, which defeats the whole purpose of phasing the release… The day long certification process also makes us less agile when it comes to quick hotfixes that can potentially impact a significant amount of users.

So in the coming days, we’ll be shipping to Android at the same time we’re sending the update to Apple for approval.

We’ll ask for your patience while we work things out. It’ll come to everyone as soon as we feel like it can work at scale.

Thanks for your understanding,
Laura and the Infinite Flight Team


Thanks for your hard work! Real excited see it take place and thanks for keeping us informed!


So is the apple stuff worked out?


Thanks nice job fds 👍🏻

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Thanks for the update, Laura. Now prepared to get spammed with replies, and pictures of people checking the App Store. 😂


Oh yeah, android users, please don’t spam pictures of TBM etc. Until apple releases this I’m not going on live!


Thanks for the update, glad you got everything fixed!

Thanks for the update and the transparency Laura! I really appreciate you keeping us in the loop! Hopefully everything goes well :)

Since I’m watching #announcements I get to get spammed! Yay! In all seriousness though, thanks Laura and the rest of FDS! :)


Wow…I’m absolutely loving these updates. It is nice to know what is really happening behind the scenes!

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We believe so, Apple will tell us if they are ok with it once they review the update.


Oh oof! Guess we will be seeing Android people enjoying the new update. Eh, I’ll wait. I have a ton of homework to distract myself on anyways XD

Thanks for the message! :D


Does Apple review the update and then you publish it or it is published as soon as the review is over?

Great work FDS! Just take your time and get ready for this thread to be clogged.

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I’m gonna have to stay off here for a few days so I can see it myself lol


Are there any new aircraft features? Like a new helicopter category, or a new free plane, or something like that?

Thanks, nice job! :D

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It’s the TBM 930, and maybe other stuff. It won’t be free though.


Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to have the TBM in my hands!


Thank you FDS! I sometimes wish that I could just meet the whole FDS crew and hug them for their hard work.