Update about the 18.5 release


Lets get back on topic :).


You guys hear about the new TBM coming soon? Awesome stuff! ;)

This is my nice way of saying stop talking about things that have nothing to do with the TBM, and or Laura’s post :)


Thank you

I know this will be well worth that wait
Great job


Nail and head


Yes I agree with you I already tried to get them to stop talking about unrelated things other then the tbm like what device you use or what not this post is for the TBMS and only for the TBMS!


Thanks for the update! Can’t wait!


Thanks for the update! Android getting some love here lol.


I love this comment. Your support is awesome my man, you’re making ppl smile😃


Let’s not try to speculate here. :)


I wasn’t It was my guess I’m not saying it’s going to be out by then


What dose TBM mean


The Best Machine


This link ought to answer most of your questions :


Yeah you’re right thanks for putting it that way


😃of course! Someone who takes criticism well, I like it


Thanks for defining “TBM” for us…lol 😂


Too bad not for me. Love rainstorms, especially when your whole school floods. It’s painful though just sitting here waiting for the TBM lol.



Mooney is the old company- search it up. 🙂


I was really looking forward to this beauty getting addedtbm-500x500

Also, side note, I’m guessing you have a Note8 ;)