Update about the 18.5 release


I am actually planning on getting an android phone for IF soon even though I am not really into android. Or I’ll just wait two weeks or three and not buy an android phone.


Whats happening over there?


I use ipad 5th generation 2017 for IF but I have a Samsung note 4 that also has IF on it. Definitely the ipad for IF in my experience. I’m actually getting an ipad pro 64gb for Christmas to use for IF and then I’ll use my old ipad for liveflight. That’s my experience on it but Samsung are good. If your buying a Samsung make sure it has at least 2-3gb of ram and 32gb internal memory.
Samsung tab S3 3gb ram 32gb memory
Samsung tab S4 4gb ram 32gb memory

Ipad pro 4gb ram 32/64/256 memory

I’m getting the ipad pro 64gb.

I’ve seen a few screenshots of the Samsung tablets and there is a slightly different layout of buttons for IF between ipad and Android. The ipad layout looks better IMO but that’s just my opinion everyone is different. Good luck in your search


When XS is too expensive lol, they have X’s for cheaappp used, or the XR, but if you would like android, pocophone or one plus 6 are great choices, if you want more expensive I would say S9 or Note 9. 😉


Slowly Pushes Away iPad…, Immediately Downloads IF On My Galaxy S8 👌


Guys get back on topic about the update please. I’m just doing my job as a community patron and I want to help keep this topic clean


Has Anyone got the update yet? If you have send photos!


It has yet to be released. Once it’s released, they’ll let us know.


because android is better 😉😉😉


No its not out and we will be notified when it is


I cannot wait for it i would hope it would hurry up but i got to give it to fds and all there staff for the amzing work they have done to IF massive respect to all you guys and girls


Just be patient, it will come eventually.


Is this the official release announcement or will there be another one when the update is pushed to all app stores?


Only time will tell. Maybe a new post will be made.


When they officially release it they’ll make a new one.


Yes! Can’t wait! Thanks for the continuing information on the update Laura. And, once again, keep up the amazing, hard work!


S8+ just had to get that in there lol👍


What will be included in this update, hopefully some reworks or even a surprise aircraft.


FDS have stated that the 737 will not be in the update, I havent seen anything about the A-10 Rework but correct me if you have :)

You’ll just have to wait for another update to see the new 737 Rework, or wait for FDS to announce a new Rework/Aircraft


Here’s a list of things to come in the next update.

  1. That one thing
  2. That other thing
  3. More of that thingy
  4. TBM
  5. Thingy