Update about the 18.5 release


Thanks for the update on the update 😉


Congrats @Laura cant wait for it!!!
Ill PM you on Slack - i have a question for you.


Don’t tag developers and staff please!


Beyond pumped for this one! And I have both devices, win-win!


Thanks again Laura for another informative update. It’s greatly appreciated. Hats off to you and all members of the FDS team and Beta Testers!!!


Thx for the hard work!We appricate alI the work you have done don’t stress yourself tho.


I love this spirit. Thanks for the heads up.

It’s going to very funny here once iOS people start flying alongside TBMs of Android users. Mods might consider opening #rant category for that purpose.


I understand. a question, will you open the betas registration or will they be randomly selected?


We do not accept direct requests to be a Beta Tester. We also do not offer an open beta version of the app. Our team of testers all have unique skillsets and experience testing to help expedite the process from Development to Release. Thank you for your loyalty and business.

We look forward to bringing more great content!


Thank you for the continued hard work behind the scenes to make this Sim even better for every1.


Thank you for the updates


Laura is this going to fix the iPhone XS screen sizing issue? I have the same size as my previous iPhone X but the game edges are cut off on the XS. The game doesn’t fit within the screen.


I’m loving the transparency and keeping all of us in the loop with everything that has been going on!

Really helps us know what to expect and even though there is never a time frame this helps us process a far along or how close it may be!

Also I would love to see more work in progress posts, those are great!!! I love seeing how the team does it!


Take a look at the replies in the topic below. They should answer your question. ;)


I have an ipad and a Samsung tablet. So I have the best of both worlds. Lol


I can wait for it :) Really looking forward to the TBM 😍❤️


which is better in your opinion for IF. i’m holding out for the new ipad pro but interested in the samsung range.


Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put in to it. I really appreciate that 👍


Thank you FDS for the update! I can’t wait to fly TBM.


Thanks for the update on progress! It will be worth the wait!