Update about the 18.5 release


Cancel’s new iPhone Xs Max order and buys an android…


“A new subscription”
Does this kinda means the prices are going to be affected after this new update?


Anyways, I’m hyped for the update!! Great work FDS.


Will Android users get the update before ios users?


She clearly states that in the post.


yay! The long wait is finally over.

no u
anywaysss looking forward to it, thanks FDS!


Sounds good! Is there a full list of what’s in this update or will that be once everyone is about to get it?


finally we get some new action the casual server ppl can stall in one second time to yeet


Thanks to all the staff! Great work :)


Yes I agree, ooof to us IOS users.

I don’t mind waiting a bit longer, as I have a lot of work to do. But thanks Laura on the update


Hi Laura,

It is a great work you are doing right now with your staff/Flight Team. Thank you very much for the detailed Information whats coming up with Infinite Flight in the near future.

I am very much interested to get started soon.

Best regards and good luck to reach what you have planed and initiated !!!



Oh god yes that was painful 😂😂😂


YES, finally someone is thinking !


Thanks for the update Laura. 😎


Thanks so much FDS. Can’t wait.

We understand as consumers what you have to go through to make a brilliant application and updates like this one.





So after it gets launched to android, how long are we talking for the apple update


Sooo… you guys send it to both apple and android at the same time, release it on android and put the update announcement out. And from that point on as long as everything goes alright we’ll be seeing the apple update in the next few days?

Thanks for not keeping us in the dark with all this mess going around the update ;)


A couple days I think


Thanks FDS! This explains a lot! i know it’s a clichè lol