Update about the 18.5 release


I think it will be the cessna for us the iphone users untill we get the update idk it could be a blank aircraft who knows.


When you see iOS will have to wait and Android gets it first by Phased release, only to find out you have an Android device as well

awwwee yeah!

Seriously though. I hope that this’ll help make things stable for us at iOS when it does happen to release soon :)


Dont start that war…

Apple is better because they’re taking longer to review the Update to make sure its perfect for Users xD

Kidding, were all pretty equal, back to the TBM :)


Hey now, lets stay on topic


Thank you for all your hard work everyone appreciates it greatly you guys are amazing!! Can’t wait for this update


This is amazing Laura! Thank you SOOO much for the update!

I and all of the IFC appreciate your hard work.

Thank you for everything you’ve done


Yes this is the message I’ve been waiting to hear! Thanks you all for your hard work! My excitement has found its way back.


Thanks for the update Laura! I can’t wait to fly this awesome aircaft!


Well may I know what is the latest aircraft…Continuing the discussion from Update about the 18.5 release:


Uuuuh… The TBM-930? Did you see the teasers?


It says “about the release”, and also I’m an apple user and my sub ends in 5 days, but yes I’m excited like you👍


Been flirting with the idea of getting an android device lately…

Thanks for the update!


TBM is coming home ❤️Is coming TBM is coming home


Yeah I know. Found out the hard way. Really excited but this is the worst time to be an Apple user 😆


And they said that Android doesnt have its perks. Well now who’s laughing.😂 Well also thanks for the update on the update


As much as its killing me, Ill wait, thats all that i can do, thanks Laura!


will we be getting a thread about all the features, liveries, etc in the future?


I literally checked the App Store when I had a notification from here😂😂


Dont jinx it… They are releasing it to Android as a way to test if the new system works in the first place…


Well I love trying to get one of the first pictures of a new update in the community, as do many other people, but I’ll post my first pic of the TBM and it’ll look old 😂