Update about the 18.5 release


Thanks Laura for keeping the community informed great job


I guess I’m happy I’m happy I switched to Android last week.


Like a day after correct


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Cant wait to do a FNF with the TBM!


OMG!!! I’m so excited for the new update. I cannot wait. Thank you Laura and all the staff for your hard work to bring us such an amazing simulator.


Can’t wait for a TBM and hopefully an Aegean A320 🤞🏻
Thanks so much for the updates


Nothing I’m not used to lol. Android users often get updates before Apple users ;)


Can’t wait to see you crash 🙄

Infinite Flight 18.5 Release

Pretty sure you’ve already seen him crash, multiple times. But I’m sure the TBM will lead to more.


Thank you so much FDS for trying your hardest to give us satisfaction.
Thank you so much.


Well, I hope it comes out before by sub ends, or looks like I won’t be flying the TBM straight away. But thank you very much devs!


Read the title wrong thinking it said “Update 18.5 release” disappointed when I read the post but at least it gives me something to look forward too! Really excited!


THIS. This is what keeps customers happy. UPDATES. Updating the product is important, but updating the community on certain issues is equally as important.

Laura, I’m glad you’ve done this for us. I love it.


I’m not sure Apple users will be able to see the aircraft seeing as how it’s not in the database on their phones yet. Android users flying the TBM will be invisible but you’ll be able to see their information above a white box. That’s my guess, someone either confirm or deny?


Seeing as that’s how it appears when flying near a user on the beta, yes, that’s how it should work.


The update will come when it comes. Don’t worry or be impatient guys.


Thank god the Apple review times are at most 2 days now, anyone remember the day us IOS users had to wait 5 days for the A320?😂

Thanks FDS, excited for the TBM!


You beta testers are always teasing us! 😭😭


Thanks Laura cant wait to fly!