Update about the 18.5 release


That’s what flight sim con is for. I don’t know about the hugging tho. 😜


A lot of us will be in Birmingham next week! ;)


Oh ok. Thanks for the heads up. Ill talk with my parents and see if they’ll let meh get premium.


Thanks FDS! I understand the magnitude of getting it approved as its always a hassle. It just makes it even better for when it actually gets released!


Awesome stuff!! Can’t wait for the update 👍


Thanks for the update, I’m excited to see this update, and as always, thank you for all the hard work you do to bring us the best models and aircraft!


Thank You Laura for another update explanation looks good sounds good and soon to feel good in regards to this update… Much appreciated for all parties involved in the hard work You and so many have implemented towards this update. No question in mind You will receive my 5 stars again and again in the time to follow !


Thanks for the update Laura! Can’t wait for this update.


I’m so excited for this update!!! Thanks for keeping us informed!


The clock it’s ticking… 👍🏻😜😱😁
Can’t wait for the big explosion of TBMs! Thanks for the update!


Does this mean the update has been sent to android and is in review by apple?


I highly agree on doing it the old way,too much when it’s an all out go.

Patience is key all!


TBM’s will be everywhere. Fun times ahead!


You guys are the experts, we all trust you with your decisions.


Is it possible to preview what I came up with in this update?


Yes!!! Thank you Laura!!!


My patience? That’s outrageous. Kidding, take all the time needed.


Thank you for explaining! Looking forward to this new update!


Can’t wait for the TBM guys thanks for all your hard work!! Good job FDS!


Please do not tag developers. 🙂