Update about the 18.5 release


Haha😂😂. You wish…I don’t

Why do you think i have the Note 8?


Thanks for me to help my understanding of the word TBM lol


Haha, just the bottom part od the pic. It’s either that or a Note9 or S8, which all can run IF amazing ( …just to stay somewhat on topic ;) )


S8 - I have. Havent tried IF on here. Would like the Note 9…bigger screen, better veiw.
IF is on my tablet at the moment.

Anyways yeah, let’s stay on topic🙂


Hello laura brilliant work from you and the team but will there be a update what will support iOS 12


iOS 12 was supported starting with the 18.4 release on August 9th.


FDS finally adds a TeddyBearMuseum to IF 😍😍😍


IF runs beautifully on the S8+ i agree the extra screen size on the note 9 would be immense.


there is no update for iOS 12 because iOS 12 update come released couple of days ago for all iPhone so how can a month ago that you support it when it was not released yet



The answer is pretty simple;
No changes was necessary to add compatibility for iOS 12. The app runs completely fine on iOS 12 :)


Ok then thank you



Time to enjoy the update guys


Till when I can get update?After 6hrs?


If you have android then you will likely get it within 24 hours!


Just wait patiently, and it will come. It’s a phased release so not everyone will get it at once.


Thanks for your patience, everyone! Continue here: