Update: 38.0.908MB UNDERWHELMING!

@Danman true, you can tune it, but you won’t be picking up an ILS signal from 140 NM away on a perpendicular course like IF does.

A simple solution is to have an ‘off’ selection in the menu where you can choose ‘auto’ or a particular approach to lock onto. This will stop signals being received and the constant flicker of the vertical & horizontal needles


Auto-Brake was always available in the whole IF inventory. In fact it was a Topic of one of my early “Tips”. ie: “Set the break “on” as you dirty up on approach, this action will emulate the Auto-Brake fungtion”. Reverse Thrust is a universal manual operation as far as I know. However, I’ve read AirBus has tinkered with an Auto-Land/Brake/Reverse Application for a future generation heavy.


Max, you turned me on to the Super D and I’ve been flying it a lot on the advanced server. Usually the only prop plane on the server. It’s a lot of fun doing touch n goes and then landing at a busy towered airport and racking up 1000xp per flight.

But I have to admit I started on IF in the trash haulers, and that is the majority of users. Maybe adding a few more GA aircraft or improving them would change that a bit, but probably not much. I suppose it makes sense to cater to the larger user base. After a few foggy CATIII approaches in the updated bbj, I’m already bored of it and back in the Super D giving ATC the job of keeping kids in their A380s and autolanding bbjs from running me down.


Don’t get me wrong I think this was a good update, but I think they should have told us that it was coming now and then released these features with the next update.

“Frequency is busy, please be patient” ;)
The next update is the fun one, seriously because The A318/A320/Upgraded A321 Arrive! And you can’t forget the new “unknown regional airliner” and some other things! I liked the current one, because when I got my BBJ into KNUC I can auto-land it and look at the new layout of the airport :)

@AR_AR… Your the man! Take that SuperD out to Hawaii. Fly Panda!
Regards, Mad Max Sends


Fair enough, optimizations for the pilot is always something they should look into, like the day when they added a button to mute the annoying ATC chatter. @matt @philippe

Agreed. I understand the team is small, but that doesn’t excuse this weak update. Who cares about fog visibility??? There is no ceiling for it anyway. It’s super annoying to fly in the clouds and not be able to break through.

Autoland sucks. I play for the challenge. Complete waste of developers time.

Can’t see any new markings at SFO or LAX.

To each their own. Shut up and take my money, but only for new content. You can make a killing with scenery, buildings, updated weather, wing flex. I am willing to pay for it all. Look at how successful FSX and Xplain for pc are. It’s all about experience which is nailed and content which IF lacks.

Hopefully this is a primer for a big update that comes out in the next few weeks.


Yes, but remember this app is for mobile devices, and 3D Buildings, Wingflex etc. and might take up too much memory. That’s why the developers work their butts off and that the team works for quality not quantity. They are still in the making of the A320 Family and new content.

It’s people like you who make time longer than needed to fix up any errors. Such as bugs.

Just remember, next time YOU want to have a rant, you are free to leave this forum and continue on with X-Plane and FSX.

@Captain_DJ I think the main part of what @Beef was trying to say, is the devs just spent 6 months or whatever with this update, to give us autoland on 1 type of aircraft!

Yes we know it’s a mobile app and has limitations, but when they spend 6 months on something that is limited to 1 aircraft (which most people don’t have unless they purchased the full subscription) and isn’t that useful or needed, and takes away from flying aircraft, people have a right to be upset.

I agree totalling with @Beef. Everyone wants bigger maps, buildings, terminals etc. I understand there’s limits - but if there’s such ‘limits’ why aren’t they working towards reaching those limits! Wasting time on autoland for 1 aircraft is exactly that, a waste of time. I can’t help but feel combined maps (even just NorCal and SoCal) is atleast 12 months away.

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You know where these limits are? Hardware, is that something software can fix? No, doesn’t work that way. X-Plane for PC requires AT LEAST 2GB of ram and 500 MB of dedicated VRAM. And a 2 GHZ processor. Those are minimum requirements. No amount of code, time, or even magic fairy dust can fix hardware limitations. If people are “willing to pay for wing flex” X-Plane is your best choice, just keep in mind that graphics for a flight sim setup is worth about as much as your phone, and then there are the rest of the parts for it, joysticks, throttles, fancy monitors. Costs for one is around $3K USD at least for a setup that can run X-Plane with a good experience with peripherals. And then tack on another $500 for X-Plane and pay ware planes with all the fancy gadgetry (with autoland) that you are all looking for free on IF.

Wasting time? You try programming an AI that flies a plane, it’s not easy as it looks. It takes long because it really takes that long to develop a whole new feature. New airfoils take even more time, as evidenced by the A320. GA aircraft isn’t magically easier to code you know, it will take just as long.


Here is what a phone supporting all the features you guys are demanding with current day tech will look like, may burn hands.


I know what he is saying, but the Developers can only do so much. They’re a small group, and they have to think of the financial issues that surround them, when they already spend like $3000 on servers. And if you hate autoland you’re going to hate it more as the Devs are going to implement it on more airplanes. For All we know it’s possibly on the A320 Family!

You just reiterated my point. Priorities are all wrong

Great Job with the Autoland BUT the next update should be changing the whole IF flying experience. The A320 is coming okey but it was the same with Autoland. You use it once and you are done with it. What should I try now in IF? That’s probably what’s bothering people atleast it did bother me. People would kill for an Engine On/Off Switch or working lights for night flights. Why not combine regions such as NoCal and SoCal or AMS and LON region? Improving ATC communication is another option. I just fear that the next update only contains A320 family and bug fixes. You fly it once and done. This is not a rant I really appreciate the devs’ work. Maybe the announced landing smoke is coming too in the next update…


To All Who Posted Here: Let’s me be perfectly clear. My initial comments here may rub a few raw spots but it’s ment as constructive criticism not a slam dunk against any individual who worked diligently and constructively on this update.
I have the greatest respect for the Developers and there paid and volunteer staff. Those who know my style understand I always write to stimulate discourse. I’ve been off the air for a period but am refreshed and intend to weigh in from time to time like it or not. I’ve been an IF player for years and consider myself well versed in Matt & Phil’s goals. I’ve watched this baby from birth, IF is a part of my life and I’ll beat it like a step child when It doesn’t meet my expectations. If you can’ take the heat stay out of my kitchen. Mad Max Sends


Here here! Totally agree.

TBH I cant understand this post.

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Max, you have to understand that when you word a post with so much “heat” as you say, you’re going to ruffle a lot of feathers. Saying what you did and then turning around and “being perfectly clear” that it was constructive is nonsense.

Next time, try to ask some relevant questions to the devs like, “guys I was hoping for xxxxx… Can you explain the process used for releasing an update? Why so much time for better rendering?”

Or, suggest some things to ask when Matt is interviewed for FlightCast ;)

Come on… I realize you’re a harsh person, but don’t expect everyone to respond well to that. Be nice.


@jasonrosewell… Thanks for the critique kiddo… What you see is what you get young sir. Gooday… Mad Max Sends

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