Update: 38.0.908MB UNDERWHELMING!


Waited expectantly for this update hoping to see the Hanger Queens get updated with 3D Cockpits finally, a couple of Recip Reginals like the Dash-8 or the like, even a Cub would have satisfied my eclectic taste. After all the whoraw about the flat hatters and malcontents who screw the pooch and throw the rules to the wind where’s the corrective action for the Playground. The Playground ATC are still holding the bag w/o a hammer like “Return to Parking”
and the high number violators are still a pain in everyone’s pattute. AutoLand, the non-aviator Trash Haulers who fly point to point in the heavy iron have a new toy, me I’m a Pilot not a bus driver it don’t float my boat. Better rendering I like it. Runway improvements hav’nt checked all the Regions but did see no Stinking Numbers on thresholds in the one location I checked. Hope to see some blue taxiway light and direction markings, fingers crossed will laud the Dev’s after my next night flight if there there. All in all this change is underwhelming!!! Those I’ve spoken to off line are as disappointed as I am.
For the first time in over 4 years I’m not impressed with an update particularly when the wait time between updates seems to last for more than a calander quarter. Mad Max Sends


The current update was good and substantial enough for me. The developers work so hard, with only a small team, they cannot work and complete major updates in a matter of weeks. They need time. Give the developers chance and be thankful infinite flight is getting updated with new features!


Next update will include all of the juicy things like the A320 and other secret things! :D


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Unless there`s something gamebreaking I doubt there will be any other update except from A320 ;)


Updates seem good to me. A lot of work rendering the airports. I’m just happy to be flying in a server which doesn’t crash or get shut down for extensive maintenance. Good job Devs!


It’s a IFR kind of update geared towards airline pilots. Definitely not for general aviation, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to program an AI that can fly a plane, it took so long because APPR takes time. I personally think that it’s worth it for those foggy days in live.


Oh yes totally worth it for 1 or 2 days a month if that. And all the fake glide scopes portrayed now just for auto land on a single aircraft which some take you straight into a mountain. Time well spent for sure (sarcasm) no hammer on playground as Max stated no release of the advanced test which in my eyes should of been included. And now an expert server which we could t even get the Advanced server populated before. Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved this sim since day one but I think it went in the wrong direction on this one.


Also GA also can fly IFR so I don’t see your point in that comment. If there are a bunch of fake glide scopes it’s not really a true portrait of an IFR flight now is it.


You can just not use the GPS approach, and disable that portion of the HUD. Not only that, but coding new airplanes take time, if you think they are slow, try coding your own flight sim.


So what your saying is moving to an unrealistic sim is ok? I didn’t say it wasn’t hard work but why add localizers on non ILS approaches? For one aircraft that you can pick up 200 NM away @Danman


“Geared for Airline Pilots”… Discrimination is alive and well me thinks…
Go to any GA Pilots Bar Dan, there normally near a non-B field and say that; I wish you well. Remember we aviators always start out in GA and always find our way back once we get our co-pilots ticket & pay. We buy and “Fly” GA for pleasure. Trash Hauling is boring. With auto-land there goes the hand on skill. The loss of that skill will kill you. Appreciate the time and effort you guys put in but me thinks the time would have been better spent. Old school hands on stuff like NavAids plus Airways & precision departure and arrivals etc. Mad Max Sends


@rotate but the auto land has undermined the realistic nature of this sim.


@Maxmustang and @Brandon_Sandstrom my thoughts exactly. Couldn’t have said it better


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I do apologize if you think I am diminishing the value of hand flying, I hand fly 90 percent of the time, and even with auto land available, most of my landings recently have been hand flown. I am saying it’s a useful addition, but I won’t use it unless it’s necessary. I do not think there is discrimination against GA pilots, FDS is a small team, they can only work on one plane at a time.


I am confused about adding APPR for non-ILS approaches, you might want to ask the dev for that one. And the manual tuning system currently only lists al of the available approaches in the region, it’s only the first version, they can always improve afterwards, removing the functionality isn’t difficult.


That’s what I’m saying it’s not that auto land by its self isn’t a good feature if it’s used where it is in real life but creating fake localizers for non ILS approaches just to accommodate for it bugs me. And the fact you can pick up your localizer from anywhere in the region that’s some what annoying as well. I was going from KSAN to KLAX last night pick up KLAX right after take off I cruised at Fl200 and the localizer was telling me to decend when I was more then 100 NM away from the airport just doesn’t seem right to me. Not to mention the brake applies in landing what’s up with that just give us some reverse thrust.


I appreciate the work for all of this new content but honestly, I expected more for the wait.

There were a crap-ton if airport updates and I am sure the iOS 9 compatibility and autoland took lots of effort but alot of the fixes were bugs and I never had any issues…

Disappointed but thanks for autoland and the new airport layouts at least…


You can always tune a receiver in an airplane to a specific frequency, nothing wrong with that. You have to ask the developers why they added GPS approaches as well. Auto brakes are a thing in real planes and is used during landing, reverse thrust is applied by the pilot manually.