Update 21.1

So just checked out the beta and is are the none of the jet bridges trucks or even the push back tractor are animated??! All these new 3D items in the update are stationary what a disappointment what’s the point of a jet bridge if you can’t move it😭😭

Once again infinite flight you have disappointed is their hope for animation to added to the 3D buildings?

Hello! They have actually said that for this first release (as it’s a beta version and it’s the first time these things have been added) they will all be static, they have however said that in the future they will animate them. Patience is key

Have a good day :)

Yes, previously IF stated that there first release would be to see what bugs would come. Later on they will gradually add animated 3D objects. Likely in 21.2 21.3 or 22.1

I agree be thankful for what you have.

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You shouldn’t ask for much for now! for starters, this is a beta! You don’t want everything to look like a simulator that I know is the most real thing in the world! But at least be grateful for what you have now! it is not an easy job to do! and the developers are striving to give the best to us and the customers! or community! I hope you understand! and I don’t want to sound rude either! but at least have some conscience !.

Was it necessary to make an entire topic just to say that? What did you get out of doing this?


New features are always being developed, but this is what we have for now.

Let’s just enjoy the open beta, everyone :)