Update 20.1 Development Thread - Rolling Out Now!

Exactly my point i dont see nothing on here that makes sense apart from the first post, if you want an update as soon as its out infinite has an Instagram page go follow and turn on post notifications ☺


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So I saw on the Instagram that overhead things could be animated. Would it be like you tap on in the control and it works or you push a button like now but it would animate? (Not speculation. Just an honest question)

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The buttons will move like it’s in the XCub, Cessna 172, A350 and like that.

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Hellp guys and gals, I have a genuine question. Just to make sure we are not getting the 777LR and 777F this update correct? They are based on the same sort of airframe with minor changes so I’m not sure.

I think it’s just the 772. Not the 77L or 77F

Just the 200ER :)


Thank you for your response. It’ll be a good chance to learn where each of the controls in the cockpit are

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Yeah, then it’s easier to learn it since it’s not many places you could do it.

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How long has the Boeing 777 been in beta testing and how long does it take

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The testing process can take as long as they need to ensure they are shipping a quality product. Until they are confident that the product has the quality they ensure, they’ll ship it. There’s never a set time frame as testing can be unpredictable with roadblocks that can come up. To answer your other question, according to Infinite Flight’s official social media sources, the B777 has been in the testing stage since April 8th of 2020.


Any news about how the trimmable stabilizer works and how destabilizing it can be for pilots?

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No. From what we gather, currently it will remain how it is on the HUD. We could wish for the sounds of the trim being adjusted by the electric motor, but in my opinion that’s highly unlikely.

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I’m looking forward to the update and hope it to be out by December 31st, 2020! I think that’s what you all should do, treat it like it is coming out the last day of the year, as it will have come out by then, as it is 20.1, the first update of 2020, and can’t be 20.1 after December 31st. Act like it will come out then, and it’ll be here in no time. Just enjoy the other aircraft in the mean time. Maybe go outside and catch some fresh air for once. Just use the patience that every one of you have in you, and pretend that it won’t come out til the last day of the year. Please have a nice day and enjoy all that there is to know about the wonders of a day, or maybe a week, or a month, or however long the update will take. There is more to life than the 777 update, it’s just an accessory. You have a perfectly fine 777 now, anyways. The 777 update does and will make it better, but you still have a great aircraft made by great developers when the current one was made to the best of their ability. This really should go for all aircraft that get updated! Enjoy the nostalgic versions that we have while they last, before long, you won’t have them anymore. Let it take time for the updates to come, act like it will take longer than it will in reality. This will also help you feel more surprised and excited than you would when the update comes out. I hope at least one other person other than me read through this, and I hope that that one person actually listens to this and comprehends it, and does what it suggests. Thank you, and good day.


Thank you @ran and well said! I love it when I see posts like this, thankful and appreciative. IF devs work tirelessly despite this pandemic to deliver a flawless update and deserve all the love and support from us. We’re all excited for what’s coming in the next update, and appreciate all the hard work ❤


You know what would be amazing! The old Continental 777 Petermax😅