Update 20.1 Development Thread - Rolling Out Now!

Maybe it’s RAM-related? Sorry for clogging the thread by the way, hopefully this is a good use of space

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My iPhone XR works fine even for short to medium haul flights and with the A350. I think we should move this to the compatibility thread 😉

Not trying to mini-mod, but just helping out.


Can you link me that post?

When I was on my old iPad. I turned the a350 screens off. I was able to to longer flights without the game crashing. Keep the screen in for take off and landing. When you are at cruise cut them off.

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@anon57683537 the best you can do now is start a dm with everyone who’s helping, this is a 20.1 development thread, not a 19.4 update support database. ;)

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That’s a known issue. See here:


Follow these steps to reduce chances of a crash


That wasn’t his point. His point is that given the situation with the crashes, he is concerned whether or not his device will be able to handle 20.1. He wasn’t asking for support on the crashes.


Now since this is a 20.1 update thread. Does anyone know anything about the SIDS and STARS?

SIDS and STARS were in the works of being implemented (at least in the US). However, it is unlikely that they will ship with this update. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

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With the brand new update, I have a question with the new taxi way maps/diagram. Will/can the new taxi way diagram be displayed on the blank screen on the A350? Or will it be somewhere in the cockpit so that us pilots don’t have to have the mini or full screen map open to see the Full taxi diagram?
(P.S if i need to put this in features let me know)

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You already got your answer that it is disclosed

Edit: Ok you got perms

I made a post about it here as a simple idea, so it is not known. It is unlikely, but still a concept.

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well @dca.iad.aviation Great minds do think alike :)
Also it can be a great Idea to put in #features

Bruh honestly the new taxiway diagram is going to save me a lot of trouble instead of me having to find a somewhat high quality layout, on Google or whatever.


For those who are beginning to burst at the seams in total hypeness (including me)…

This is why we wait.

We never truly know what the (awesome) devs have up their sleeves or are working on in the background. Sure, from a laymen’s perspective, clouds and the 777 seemed ready to ship, right? We all thought that was all that’s coming in the update.

Then we got sounds. Then we got doors. Now, we have the first iteration of taxiway maps. This is why we wait 👌

In the words of Jason: Be cool 😎

In the words of Misha: Go outside, take a walk, have a breath of fresh air, and the update will be here before you know it.

mic drop 🎤 🔥


Then the ground control would be getting more busy than the tower haha

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Why, thank you :)

Hopefully something like this is added in terms of accessing/viewing the chart. It could show a preview of what airport you select on the navigation screen and would take the place of the OIS unavailable message we currently have.

(image is photoshopped and is simply a representation of an idea/concept and not a confirmation of an upcoming feature.)


I already have a #features request for this if you want to vote @bensonb


Looks nice, sounds nice. We can only hope.