Update 20.1 Development Thread - Rolling Out Now!

Genuinely hope not

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Folks, the guys are not ‘skipping’ or ignoring any variants. The team is focusing on a specific variant at a time as each variant of the 777 is different and needs individual care and attention. They are currently working on the -200, but that does not mean that they will not work on the -300 or the -200F. One at a time.


The CRJ was developed and released frame by frame within 3 months, this seems like a step backwards.


I don’t see how so?

By focusing on developing one variant at a time, they can rework each individual aircraft to a much higher standard rather than if they focused on the three variants straight away. I would much rather wait longer and receive the rework in parts (presumably starting with the -200) and have higher quality rework than having all three to a lower standard.

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We are focusing on the 200 variant for now. While it is our goal to bring all our older aircraft to the same quality level, we currently have no ETA to share for the other variants.

Please don’t read anymore into that.


The 4 variants were released over a 3 month period. Development took the better part of a year.

Edit: Can’t find the post that included the poll selecting the CRJ, but I can find posts announcing the initial release in May 2018 and final release in August 2018.


The CRJ have relatively less frames(polygons as they call them) since they are way smaller compared to the 777s. It’s not surprising if the 777-200 model takes the same amount of time to rework to 3 CRJ variants.

Let’s be patient. We’ve seen what they can do with the A350. We can as well give them time to rework the 777 properly, detail by detail. I’m sure the team won’t disappoint 😉


Just leaving that here. They said it would include the 4 variants in July.


Alright, everybody calm down. Just because they said they are focusing on the 777-200ER, does not mean that they aren’t doing the other 777’s. Chill. Go outside. Play in the snow. Or bask in the sunlight. Whatever you want.



Correct: and we will. Just possibly not all released at the same time. Look, it’s a matter of “do we want to give you something sooner, then iterate, or make you wait until they’re all done?” It’s not always a matter of copy and paste for different variations, so it takes time. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you like developer transparency, you also have to appreciate the fact that things can change.


Oh ok, I get it. But what I was trying to say is that it’s not going to be like the A350. Only releasing the 900 and not the 1000. You are going to release them all but not at the same time.


Thanks for jumping in on this one, Jason. An honest question for you - can you help me square the latest information about “current focus” (USA’s screenshot / your post) with the July post (Georges’ screenshot below) about “confirmed variants”? I’d like to better understand the varying terminology used to describe development activity so I can manage my expectations accordingly.

Update: potentially clarified by your response above, which appears to indicate that all variants are still very much actively in the plan, but may not be released at exactly the same time

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It will be but they going by wave

Honestly some people think the devs are super humans. They said their team is small and when it’s a rework we want the closest thing to the real life so if we want the quality we’ll have to be patience with them. They said others will come but later. Doing one variant at a time will help improve their abilities to have better quality

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I’d gladly wait until all the variants are done, it makes a bigger surprise. :)


Yea, I’ll wait the extra time to get all aircraft done. :)

And yet, you won’t have to.


Correct. Think of it like an assembly line at Santa’s workshop. The model gets worked on, then handed off for flight physics and other coding, then testing, then release. Once the model is handed off its not like he is doing nothing. He starts on the next one. Lather, rinse, repeat. But instead of waiting for Christmas to get all, you get some in earlier months.

By doing it this way testers can find things in one model that can be corrected sooner in others and allow for better quality control. Imagine if the xcub, 172, and 350 were all being tested at the same time. By giving the testers more to focus on the risk increases that something slips through. By focusing on a smaller release you and potentially speed up the cycle and increase quality.

Google different project management methodologies and how they differ. It is quite interesting.


Thanks, Chris, that is helpful.


Well it’s their prerogative to focus on only one variant but what bugs me is why it wasn’t the popular 777W variant. Should we expect a blog post soon to keep us all on the same page.