Update 20.1 Development Thread - Rolling Out Now!

I’m now officially ignoring this thread.

Just the general amount of discussions, arguments, speculations, etc has made this thread unreadable. I see 59 new replies, just people talking about “how long its gonna take” and “I bet there will be a cabin for the A350 too.” Like, I can understand that y’all are talking about the 777 specifically but you’re really not. This thread had turned into a general update speculation thread. We have people talking about the A350, clouds, sounds for other aircraft, and the release dates.

If y’all can’t keep it together then I strongly advise against posting in the thread. So many people have written in the past about how they saw x number of replies but no actual teaser. Moderators have warned you guys numerous times coming from Misha up to Deer. If that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what will.

If someone can let me know when the next teaser is released, that’d be great. Thanks.


Will do, sir. And, well said.


Yeah, with all of these speculations, we are going far away from the reality.

We just need to start flagging posts so they don’t take up so much space, and it sets the tone that we don’t really want to hear loads of repeated comments or speculation.

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Obligatory “52 replies and no teaser” comment here but this is getting ridiculous guys. I know we are all at home trying to have a discussion but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t get excited about seeing new replies anymore. Please stop talking about things that don’t relate to the 777 like the A350, TCAS, devs on LiveFlight, and livery speculation. Some discussion is ok but when it gets to a point where the 777 isn’t even the main topic of discussion anymore, it’s gets annoying.

Don’t let this become the next CRJ tracking thread.


Hey guys

so lets chill with the chatting for a bit so that this lasts until the 777 comes out oir until the next teaser
go check other threads out such as this

there are some talented people here


Posts like this don’t help. Just ignore and flag those who can’t follow the simple forum rules please. Helps us keep an eye out on repeat offenders. Will start issuing warnings for those who can’t play fairly. You guide us how you want the show to be run. We don’t want this topic closed as its your source for this information, but we can only do so much before we have to do something. 🙂


What’s the point in having a thread at all if all that happens whenever anyone (apart from those senior within the forum) talks about something for too long is that they are chastised for ‘clogging up the discussion’? As a more casual user of the forum, I find it very alienating and confusing. What are we allowed to say apart from ‘the update is coming soon, be quiet’ without being criticised for? We’re all bored at home and looking forward to the update so I don’t see why it’s such a crime to ask a question that may have already been answered or veer slightly off-topic within the thread. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the update and to hearing what other people think about it as that is what I believe the forum is truly about- not constantly complaining about other users to get ‘brownie points’.


Hey there!

There’s nothing wrong with carrying on a discussion about the 777. But when people start talking about the A350 and B737 and trying to compare it to the 777 features or are trying to speculate what the new update may hold, that’s when we start having issues… as you’ve seen. The title of the topic says “Boeing 777 Rework Development Thread”. Realistically, there shouldn’t be much to talk about in here other than discussing new things that Infinite Flight shares on their social media outlets.

But the question I have is at what point and how much can we talk about a certain feature before we start going in circles talking about the same thing? We realize, understand and appreciate the excitement that this new update and aircraft rework hold, but at the same time, we all need to take a small step back and go back to the question, “What is the purpose of this topic?”.

Great question! I know a lot of us are all pinned up at home or wherever we may be. More and more folks on the community than normal (not a bad thing) so thanks for joining in, but all we asking from you guys is to help us out. Like I mentioned before, some comments don’t need to be addressed in the form of a reply. You help us out a ton by flagging posts that don’t fall inline with the 777 or the features that have been announced so far.



Could just be me but this paragraph didn’t seem to answer the question: what exactly is the purpose of this topic? Some clarification on that point would be helpful for everyone. Also, it was entirely civil until post 3218. Then it became a moderating contest- that’s the real issue here.

@HWY139 Spot on, the culture of the IFC is equally fascinating and frustrating. You summarized it well though.

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Hey I can try and sum it up for ya. The B777 has been in the works for a while as you probably know. This topic was made for users to keep up to date with all confirmed/new features and liveries that await the reworked 777. It is basically a central hub of all official confirmed information on the 777. The reason this topic has majorly sky rocketed is most likely hype and the fact we are all cooped up at home. Hope this answered your question. If you have anything else you can PM me so we don’t flood this topic more than it already is.

Enjoy the FNF, Asher

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I think the title of the thread is self explanatory
“Boeing 777 Reword Development Thread”

It is a thread that is used to list and discuss development posted on the Infinite Flight Instagram page and any other information/ updates that may be given on other social media platforms

It’s not a chat room. It’s not a thread for arguments. It’s not a thread for ordinary members to try and moderate. Every time there is a development thread, it gets filled with off topic posts, false information, mini mods, arguments and eventually it gets closed.

Listen to the man before he claps this thread

The man has a point. It’s less of a development tracking thread and more of a ‘lets post for the sake of it’ thread.

Come draw some 777s if that will fill your time and longing to post about it…

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and why don’t we have a development timeline again for people to discuss more of the update to resolve these off-topic?

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I wake up to 100 new replies on this thread, only to find nothing… :/


How about all of us just continue on topic. Stop policing each other, because it’s not going anywhere. Just as Deer said, if it gets off-topic, just flag the post. That’s all you need to do.


In other news, the NordWind livery the team created looks absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see what new possibilities it could bring to the community, the photos are gonna be fantastic! Great job to the team for their hard work, we appreciate all they’re doing :)


Looking into the development stage, I must be wondering if we will receive different sounds for the flaps retracting? It would also be nice to hear different cockpit buttons and alarms.

We will only see if this is true in the future, just an idea. Previous screenshot from the Live Stream video.


That would be so awesome to have. I’ll have to find the feature request for that.


I love the 777 flap sound. I would be mildly disappointed if we never got it. Correct me if I’m wrong but every other aircraft to get new engine sounds has gotten new flap sounds I think.

I really can’t wait to see what surprises IF has in store!


Answer is found in the other paragraphs above that. PM me for further. Thanks! 🙂