Update 20.1 Development Thread - Rolling Out Now!

Welcome To The 20.1 Development Thread!

This is not a place to request a livery, please create a separate topic in the Features Category! Livery request posts will be flagged as off-topic.

This thread is made for updates regarding the Boeing 777 Rework development and other features making their way to 20.1. This thread is not to show random pictures from Live Flight, speculate on timelines/release dates, or other pointless posts.

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Boeing 777 Development Progress

These informations are extracted from Infinite Flight Development Timeline
Boeing 777-200ER cockpit under work
Gear hold for the 777-200ER
Windshield wipers (See imagine in blog)
A touch of color added to the cockpit.
Engine Models
777-200ER First Flight
777-200ER comes to life!
3D Surface Animation
777-200ER Overhead Panel
New GE90 Engine Sounds
Main geer steering (See Caption)
Opening Service Doors
Opening Cargo Doors
Pilots in the cockpit

Confirmed New Liveries

Delta Air Lines - 777-200ER
Infinite Flight - 777-200ER
Nordwind - 777-200ER
Varig - 777-200ER
British Airways - 777-200ER
TAAG Angola Airlines - 777-200ER
American Airlines - 777-200ER
United Airlines - 737-800 (Found on infiniteflight.com)
Ukraine International B777-200ER
Air France B777-200ER

Confirmed Features for 20.1

Improved Airport Diagrams

Realistic Airspace Boundaries


Instrument Procedures

Oceanic Tracks

Center Frequencies


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 20.1 Update being released?

Currently the 20.1 Update is in the Testing Stage and Infinite Flights select team of Alpha/Beta Testers are currently working hard to find any and all bugs in this upcoming update. Currently no Release Date has been confirmed or publicly announced by Infinite Flight nor does Infinite Flight tend to set Release Dates to the public. Keep your eyes out for official posts from Infinite Flight via their Blog, Developer Timeline, or on any of their various social media venues (listed at the bottom of the main post in this topic)

Will the 20.1 Update include <insert random feature here>?

Check the main post of this topic. If that feature is listed, there’s a good chance that it will be included in the 20.1 Update. If not, search in the #features category to make sure it has not been asked for already. If someone else has already requested for this feature, give that topic a vote and show your support for that feature on that topic. If nobody else has requested that feature yet, you are welcome to create a well thought out and detailed #features request for it. Our great staff team is always watching the #features category to watch for what the community wants. Please refrain from asking for a certain feature in this thread

Note: you must be TL2 to post a topic in the #features category

Can we see the new features in the simulator yet (including liveries, aircraft models, etc)?

No. Since we do not have the update, all 20.1 alpha/beta/staff testers will look like they are using a current model already in the game and you will not be able to access any of the features listed in the main post until the 20.1 update has been released to the public.

Will the other 777 models ever be released?

Infinite Flight intends on reworking the whole 777 Family but currently the plan is to release them staggered (Like they did with the CRJ Family). Currently in the 20.1 Update, only the Boeing 777-200ER is confirmed to be getting the rework (in 20.1). While this may change, this is currently what we know and what has been released to the public.

This model/feature doesn’t look right.. Can you guys fix it?

While the 20.1 Features are in testing, our testers will be searching for inconsistencies, errors, bugs and everything in between. While these features are in development, anything posted on Infinite Flights Social Media isn’t set in stone and it may get corrected before the public release. That being said, if you find any inconsistencies, feel free to comment on this thread or private message one of our staff members or moderators and they will happily address any issues that you may find.

Why haven’t we seen a teaser from Infinite Flight in a while regarding the 20.1 Update?

While Infinite Flight strives to provide us with sneak peaks on the upcoming 20.1 Update; they have lives too and while things are still in the development/testing stage, some things are not ready to be shown to the public yet. Also - what’s the fun in ruining all of the surprises!

Will <insert livery here> be included in the 20.1 Update?

If it isn’t listed in the list of confirmed liveries in the main post, we just don’t know if it will make it into this update or not. Feel free to search in the #features category to make sure the livery has not been asked for already. If someone else has already requested for this livery, give that topic a vote and show your support for that feature on that topic. If nobody else has requested that livery yet, you are welcome to create a well thought out and detailed #features request for it. Our great staff team is always watching the #features category to watch for what the community wants. Please refrain from asking for a certain feature in this thread

Note: you must be TL2 to post a topic in the #features category

Will the B772ER have an interior cabin in the 20.1 Update?

The Infinite Flight Team strives to provide sneak peaks for the upcoming B777 Rework where ever they feel necessary… As of this time, no interior cabin has been confirmed nor denied. While Infinite Flight tries to maintain and raise the standard with every new aircraft that they release, the 777 cabin may not be added only due to the increased/unnecessary lag that it may bring to the app based on the mass polygon work inside of the cabin (As was the issue with the A350). We will just have to wait and see!

Why is this topic closed?

If you happen to stumble upon this topic being closed, it is due to the fact that our community needed a cooldown due their sheer overexcitement for the upcoming 20.1 Update. The topic will probably be reopened again once a new development comes out from an official Infinite Flight source (listed in the main post of this topic) or once the cooldown has ended. In this time, please refrain from posting another likewise topic about the 20.1 Update and it’s features.

Why did my reply get deleted?

While community engagement is always encouraged, your post may have been deleted because it was flagged or it was removed directly by our Moderation Team for being off-topic, silly, unnecessary, or just plain rude. Make sure to read our Community Guidelines before posting and always ensure that your post can contribute to the active on-topic discussion of the upcoming 20.1 Update


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Regulars and staff. If you would like to add or change anything! Go ahead!


That’s not new :)


I’m excited for this rework! I fly the 777 loads so this will be a win for me and LOT VA (Codeshares)


Yes, That is the 777-200 I believe.


That is simply a repost from another instagram user.


It’s on their Instagram.


If you look at the description, they reposted it from someone else.


Oh I thought you ment someone else re-posted it.


Any awesome facts or information! leave in the chat and someone will add it to the thread!


If they need any ‘real world’ help then PM me. I’ve a fair few thousand hours in these things!



Now you are clearly an expert 😂


Hopefully more detailed cockpit and better physics also does this mean that it will have live instruments and such ?


You can vote for it here


I’m curious to see what versions they decide to do. I’m really hoping for the Freighter version so bad!


I don’t think they adding more 777s it’s just rework


Freighter Version…? I thought we already had the 777F, Cargo/Freighter variant of the 777. As far as I know, it’s already in IF and has multiple liveries to go along with it.


We already have the freighter version within IF. Could be neat if it gets more liveries.


Ana and FedEx Panda 777F baby


I could not be happier as I am now knowing that the B777 will be reworked, because in addition to being a fan of Boeing the B777 is my favorite aircraft, 90% of my IF flights are made with Boeing aircraft and 70% is with the B777, I can not wait to see the final result, although the A350 is not on the list (or have an earlier date) is one of the aircraft I like too.

in relation to B777, what I really want to see is (my opinion):

  • cockpit lights
  • pilots in the cockpit
  • cockpit in 3D (I do not know if this is part of the project and I do not know if I’m right in saying 3D, it does not matter, what I want to see the B777 like A-10)
  • flexible wings
  • internal camera in passenger cabin equal to CRx
  • and light to illuminate the company logo (on the vertical stabilizer)
  • Inclined tires like they really are in real life
  • surprise from the developers
    Lastly I want some livery that is missing.

I’m going to confess that while I was doing this list I saw how hard it’s going to be and it’s going to take a long time, so I’m willing to accept the time it will take for the B777 to be perfect if I’ve forgotten something , I’ll consider this surprise from the developers.
and thank you developer for the hard work that you do, have a good day.


I hope the wing is completely remade as the wingtip is not very good at the moment