Update 20.1 crashes all the time

Since the update to 20.1 the app crashes all the time, even on ground during pushback or taxi/early in flight.

As I bought the subscription especially for the new update I’m requesting a refund until you get the problems solved. Thank you!


Sorry to hear. All of these crashes are known by the Infinite Flight Staff and Development Team and they are working tirelessly to try to get a hotfix out ASAP in which will hopefully fix all of these issues. Please email the staff directly at support@infiniteflight.com regarding the possibility of a refund because for the most part, Infinite Flight does not offer refunds.

If you stick around, I hope you enjoy Infinite Flight and the new update! But if you truly do depart, I wish you the best! Thank you for trying Infinite Flight!


Thanks for the reply!

I’m facing the same.

It’s either I believe from your device or because of the heavy load in servers.

Were you flying B772?

Yes, B772.

I think because there is a lot of B772 in the server and it could lead to these crashes. I don’t think you will face the same thing if your flying another plane.

I’m pretty sure the team will solve it soon.

The number of 777s in an airport certainly have a lot to do with it. One of the best things you can do to try and reduce lag and crashing is to turn your aircraft count down to minimum. In regards to any other crashes, see below:

To anyone else having lag or crashing issues, please please make sure you read the support FAQ beforehand: