Upcoming Updates

So I have heard many say that the A350 might come out and many saying all aircraft’s will be updated first before any other ones are added. So I was wondering which is true and which is not? I have also said in the next coming update the A330 and A340 would be updated… True or false?

Thanks for your help guys!

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I think that will happen

A350… You’re Funny…

Here’s what we know of right now:

We are lucky to get another release seminar in October at the Flight Sim Convention In The UK by FDS. So I guess you never know… 🤷🏼‍♂️

Watch #announcements and Infinite Flight’s official social media pages to get the latest


May I ask A350 or upcoming updates?

Both thats where i was going

A350 is not coming anytime soon, nothing is confirmed other than what @Balloonchaser has posted. It is safe to assume there will be an A330 rework but it is not confirmed. A350, don’t even bother till a few more years, FDS needs more data on the aircraft.


The only confirmed things coming in the future can be found in #announcements, on Infinite Flight social media, or from live events. Anything else is speculation!