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March 25th, I will be flying AA on their 777-200 from Dallas (DFW) to Honolulu (HNL), and I want to know from anyone who has flown that plane how it is. If anyone has flown it on this route too, what are the amenities provided, as I can’t seem to find out myself?

Thanks a lot!

Last time I flew on that route when they were using the 767. It was a few years ago and it was on American. Meals weren’t served if I recall so I’d buy something at the airport before hand. Drinks are 2 or 3 times on the flight.

Tip: Bring something to do. Its a bit more than a 7hr flight, 5 of which will be over water so no onboard Wifi most likely.


If im not mistaken, AA 772s have IFE screens. Do you remember if an amenity kit was provided? Was lounge access also available?

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Don’t know when your flight is exactly. But I think it’s alwaya a good idea to check out this site before most trips.

You can find your exact flight and aircraft…

Wish I was going with ya!

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This was probably 5 years ago. I don’t believe an amenity kit was provided on my flight. Now keep in mind, the equipment change (aircraft), and updates to their routes things could have changed since then.


I know it will be the V2 version of the aircraft, which I will assume is older, but AVOD is still provided. I’m just curious as to what I should expect to be offered, and if this trip is worth it.

I’ve done ATL to HNL most recently - and several others in years prior - but never DFW to HNL on American. However, in my opinion, no matter how you get there, on any flight, on any plane, in any seat to HNL is worth it.

I can say with confidence that any trip to Hawaii will be worth it. 🏖🏝

I think it would be a good idea to go into your trip/flight with an open mind and formulate your own observations and opinions on the service. Each flight is different in my opinion.


Okay. Thanks for your help. $572 bucks for it, but there goes all the money I earned in the last 2 months. 😂😔

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I’m curious as to your experience was. I’ll be doing this trip to the big island in march

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