Upcoming Infinite Flight In-Person Events

Yeah, airfare is expensive and don’t wanna use miles. 17 hours isn’t trrrible, can do a fun car charging adventure too!

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You working the UND tent?

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I might might actually be able to come to the Oshkosh meetup as i will be in Appleton around those dates!!

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Wait do you go to UND?

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I look forward to seeing you guys there!

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Tips for accommodations: We’re booking accommodations today. The options in Oshkosh proper are few and far between, and astronomically expensive for what you’re getting (because of the airshow, I’m sure). It seems like Vrbos and AirBnBs are cheapest if you’re traveling with a group/family. If it’s just you, I’d suggest you look at hotels in Appleton/Neenah and Fond du Lac, both of which have plenty of options for more reasonable prices. Both cities are about 20-25 minutes from the airshow grounds.

For folks not driving, you kind of have to rent a car. There’s no public transport whatsoever in the area (typical America).

I mean its a tiny city to be fair.

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Very true. This is as busy as it gets during the year.

The only hotel left in Oshkosh during AirVenture this year is a 2-star Motel 6 for $450/night. 🥴 Airbnb or VRBO are the way to go, and even then, you’ll probably be in a neighboring town. 800,000 people attend this event!

If you’re even remotely into camping, bring a tent and stay on the grounds. You’ll save thousands.


Yeah, that’s our issue with attending. Camping? Haven’t done it, but for IF? Maybe I’ll do glamping! Thanks Jason!

First time heading to OSH24 this year, travelling from Ireland and camping for a few days. Looking forward to meeting the team at the booth ✈️

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waiting for an SF visit lol. Maybe later this year? 👀

Lol I know

How do I get to the meetup in lhr

I would suggest looking at the London meetup topic.

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All info here: London Heathrow Community Meetup 2024

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Ty that should help