Up The Peace River

Instead of flying straight from Fort Graham, British Columbia (BW3) to Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia (CYNH) I flew south over Williston Lake to the mouth of the Peace River and then followed the river east to Hudson’s Hope airport. This was a nice flight for the SR22, with mountains on either side. The flight was on the Training Server flying at 5000 ft. Local time was around 3 PM.

  1. Taking off from Fort Graham (BW3).

  2. Mountains to the east.

  3. Flying over Williston Lake

  4. Entering the mouth of the Peace River.

  5. Further up the Peace River.

  6. Cockpit view of mountains and river.

  7. Landing at Hudson’s Hope (CYNH).


Amazing scenery, and I love the SR22 😍

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For those interested, the flight duration in the SR22 was 47 minutes.

This makes me want a SR22 update now 😂 great photos!

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