Up the Amazon river - a TBM trip - The end!

Hi all,
I decided to fly along the Amazon river, from Belem to the peruvian summits. I’ll do it in short flights of about an hour each and will post some pics here along the way. All flights on expert server

Let us start with leg 1 - SBBE - SBMQ

Flight plan

Climbing out of SBBE

Some nice views…

Turning final

Airport in sight!

I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures. Happy flying to all!


Here comes leg 2 - SBMQ SBSN

Flight plan

Take off from my rearview cam

Some nice views :

Next flight will take me to Manaus, hopefully tomorrow morning. Thanks for watching!


What is the name of the app that is your flight planning app, love the realism and want to download. Thanks.

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Great photos, hope you had a great flight, looks amazing I might try it myself one day

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That is amazing 😉

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Hi! It is called infinite tracker (free for Android)

Thank you,.it is a nice landscape. I look forward to the Andes with an airfield at 10900ft!
I’ll most likely glide down to Lima at the end!

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A good one there, 10 points!

@Tep_NEMO The photos don’t display Infinite Tracker. Although it is a good app for tracking aircraft for Android, the ones shown in the picture is LiveFlight, which works on PC and IOS. (It is on Android as a website, but super laggy)

Also the flight planner best for IF is FPLtoIF.com

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Oups sorry, i actually shot live flight connect on my PC with my phone… my brain is off after a typical working day!

Correction, liveflightapp.com on my PC, not Android Infinite tracker, sorry!


The flight plan

Initial climb along the Amazon:

Some nice views…

Down wind with Manaus in the background:

Slowing down on final:

Next step will be SBTF, thanks for watching and happy flights to all.


Beautiful images, I’ll take the same route. Once again congratulations on the images

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Many thanks, much appreciated! And enjoy yout trip!

Well, time to make a long journey a bit shorter! Here are some pics from legs 4, 5 and 6, which took me to Peru!

Here we go:

I should get to see the Andes soon.

Happy flights!

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I have finally reached the Andes, where the Amazon has its source!

Legs 7 and 8;

Crossing the Amazon in deeper and deeper valleys:

Before a failed attempt to glide down to Lima…

Turning downwind after a great trip!

I thoroughly enjoyed these flights, following an amazing river. Sorry it took so much server space!

Won’t publish any picture for a month!