Up North, and Into the Bush!


I’m not as active in this category as I used to be. But I still thought I should post these photos, as I love sharing the beauty of Alaska. So, let’s get right into the flight details, I know, you may not want to read all this. But if you do read all of the flight details, you get a bonus reward. Soooooo. Me and @infiniteflight_schoo took a short bush flight from Juneau (PAJN) to Snettisham (7AK2). We didn’t have a prepared flight plan, we just went for it! Weaving through the mountains and over the rivers of the area. We went VFR, the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, rare for this area of the world. And this will make all of y’all happy, I can name a few people. These are un-edited, Woah! So, you get your bonus reward later, now, you just get to see some photos.

My XCub N17XC, rests in the sun while I preflight it and get ready to fly. My one passenger and our cargo are loading up in my plane, I have no idea what @infiniteflight_schoo did.

Me and @infiniteflight_schoo have lifted off and are well on our way to Snettisham. We managed to get a little closer just for this photo, a little after, we separated back to a safe distance. We don’t want to crash!

One we’re back at a safe distance, we rounded a corner. I know, right. So cool! This is my favorite part of the flight, with the water, and mountains.

Once we both did a short landing at Snettisham, we taxied off the small runway, to park. I’ll save you a tag, Infiniteflight_schoo. He was parked and unloading his cargo, while I taxi up next to his plane to park.

A great flight, even after doing it 4 times, it’s always fun. PM me if you want to go bush flying, not just in Alaska, but anywhere! Speaking of flying, I didn’t add my normal 10 photos, because if you do want to fly this, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing. So, thanks for viewing, feel free to leave feedback, and have a great day IFC!

I almost forgot, your bonus reward for reading the whole thing. 🍪


Beautiful pictures! I’m going to do this flight right now!

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Thanks so much! It is your choice to fly with me or not, I’m happy to if you want to.

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The second pic is just amazing ! 🤩🤩

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Hey! Long time no-see @Armani_B! Thank you!

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That was a great flight!

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I know, it was so fun! There’s nothing like it, because airliners get boring after awhile, and fighters are, well, fighters.

I’ve done this flight before!! Glad you decided to fly in Alaska and take nice photos as you always do.

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Amazing pictures, looked like a really fun flight, my do something like this soon 👌

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Thanks @PilotDog! Maybe we could organize an event in the form of a bush flight.

Thank you @Gary_Crinnion, and yes, I highly recommend you do one of these types of flights soon.


That’s a cool idea, but I currently don’t have a subscription rn.

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@Butter_Boi@Infiniteflight_schoo MaxSez: Great Stuff! As a Cub
Aficionado I appreciate your Alaskan Rotogravure! The only thing missing is Steam Gages and Tundra Tires. We Few who understand; the wind, a slip or a crab and it takes less than 900 Feet to launch and recover in high winds in this Pilots machine can appreciate the thrill of “High Flight” in old yellow. (That said, the choice of “Glass Cockpit’s” shows your both lack the “Right Stuff” of olde). The Cub deserves Steam it’s part of its Mystique. Steam Gages, No HUD and do it in the dirt in scenic Alaska is a blast. Good show you two…
Best Regards, GA All the Way, Max

PS: Out to Whitehorse NWT now in N500XC…

Thanks so much @Maxmustang! I agree to, we need the tundra tires and steam gauges. I honestly like the gauges better than the glass too.

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