Up close with the unreleased G700

The G700 is not scheduled for release until 2022. So when you see it parked on the ramp, it’s only right to go check it out up close. This plane is absolutely massive and has the wingspan of a 737. Can’t wait to see them out flying next year!



So sick! Hope all is going well with the flying!


Thanks man! Same to you 🤙

That is sleek, can’t wait to see them in the air sooner or later!

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I could imagine the large wing span could be pretty unpractical for a private jet owner because of the larger parking spaces required… I mean aside from finding a suitable parking space it’ll be more expensive as well which shouldn’t be an issue generally but if you have your plane parked up for a longer while this might be a disadvantage

Sheeeeeeesh 🔥

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