Up Close & Personal w/ Some (Very) Heavy Metal

Earlier today I took a tour of Kaiser Air, an aircraft management company based out of Oakland International Airport. I was surprised to see an Antonov AN-124 sitting on the ramp and didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to snag a few photos.

I can not describe to you how massive this airplane is. You wouldn’t even think it’d be able to get off the ground when looking at it. With a wingspan of 240 feet, 24 wheels and four Lotarev D-18 high-bypass turbofan engines, the AN-124 comfortably cruises 440 knots while hauling over 300,000 pounds of cargo.

After checking out the Antonov, we went over to one of the 738s that Kaiser Air manages. They use this plane to commute passengers to and from Hawaii, thus the Hawaiian flower on the tail. It was originally owned by a Chinese airline, where at the time smoking was legal on domestic flights. After Kaiser Air purchased it, they obviously “had a lot of cleaning up to do” after ferrying it over to the States. All the seats in this plane were once business class seats on a now-retired Air France plane.

That’s all I have for now! Let me know which photo was your favorite!


This is really cool, Chris. Thanks for sharing.

Loving the close-ups of the 124!

That is an experience I would like to have myself. Great photos!

You lucky son of a…
Thanks for sharing this! Great pics!

Very cool and Interesting

Yea I think it is

My favorite is… all of them! This is stunning and magnificent. Keep it up 👍

That looks like a amazing experience to be up close to both of those aircraft!

The antonov was here at my home airport EGPK the other day, was a great sight to see landing and taking off

I’m proud to be Ukrainian 🤠

Very impressive and high quality pictures! Very well done and very rare planes as well. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks everybody for the feedback! Still can’t get over how lucky I got with the Antonov. Once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. I also have some work to share soon with a new lens I just copped, stay tuned!

Very nice shots! 😍

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