Unwritten rules for Expert server?

OK, so even if I don’t fly on ES really often I still want to know. I know that if I don’t obey FAR I will get ghosted. However, is there some unwritten rules? Such as you can not say “unable” even if you will crash or something like that otherwise you will get ghosted? Like I said, I don’t do ES that much due to lack of ATC coverage, but I still want to know.

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There aren’t really unwritten rules.

Just out of curiosity, what would you respond with unable to? When you’re on ATC you’re essentially asking for their service to assist you. Unless they’re sending you into a mountain or vectoring you into terrain, that would be one of the only times I would respond with unable.

Otherwise, I can’t say I’ve used “unable” more than the number of fingers I have on my left hand (5).


As long as you comply with all ATC instructions, and don’t do any crazy aerobatic moves, or go above 250 knots below 10,000 feet, you should be fine. There might be a few rules from the real world that aren’t in the simulator because there is no need for them with the resources we have.

The command “unable”, should only be used if an instruction given by ATC cannot be executed due to whatever is going on in the simulator. Only use that command if you actually cannot execute an ATC instruction.


A couple of time I have ATC I’ve notice, When there is waiting line, don’t announce you’re ready for departure until you’re number 1.


Once I was told cleared for ILS on a runway when I am 6000ft AGL at a 6 mile final, I can’t make it.

@DeerCrusher the only time I had to say “unable” was when approach control was trying to vector me into a small airport near rio, and my next vector/altatude instrustion would send me into a mountan. The controler definitely realized the problem becuais he told me just to continue at my discretion…

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Generally I’d say that as long as you are polite, not stupid, and follow directions you should be fine. Anything else you may get a PM about at worst. Also if a fellow pilot or ATC member PMs you dont take it as a bad thing, they are just doing that so you can be a better pilot…

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I see. Now I feel safer to fly ES now.


All the rules are written in the #tutorials. Just keep in mind that Moderators and FDS staff can and will ghost you if you break rules. Just because ATC isn’t active doesn’t mean it’s a license to go crazy.

It comes down to following instructions and not interfering with others. Speeding gives violations and not ghosting. However after 6 violations you are system ghosted.

We will probably close this thread to avoid it turning into one of those “every tip possible” threads. If you have questions feel free to PM a moderator. This isn’t the first one of these threads.


@ERAU_Hatsune…etal: MaxSez: It had to be said, your contention has some validity. . Since there are no IFATC written guidence which explain IF’s modification of the FAR and “Keep it Real” is expected one can make a case that clarity is not the keystone of IF airway operations.

“Unable” is a great example of personal interpretation/preference overriding the plainly written guidence in the AIM which state the Pilot is the Decision Maker and the“Unable” responce is perfectly acceptable and should be unquestionably accepted. Unfortunately even though requested the communications menu which is not Pilot Friendly does not include the terminology which normally follows the “Unable” response eg; mechanical, electrical, stability, loss of situational awareness, Devert etc. To sum it up, here’s a grafic it’s worth more than 1000 words here:

Grafic Source: “Pilots Workshop” a Public Domaine recognized expert aviation community publication.