Unworthy report

Hello guys!

I am very happy that IF has their standards to whom play the game especially on the expert server where those who avoid following the rules might get ghosted in order to maintain the best flight simulator experience. However, these standards should be applied on ATC as well, and nowadays I have been having a bad experience with some of them where they do not have the accuracy in their ghostings!. I have been ghosted for a pushback without acceptance!!!. Really! Who on earth could reach to expert server without following the first step on the flight. Well, withoit further I type, I will attach a screenshot for the ATC and a link for the replay where I did ask for pushback and accepted but looks like the ATC did not like my pushback style xD.
I need to whom is responsible to report this thing and take an action for it.
Replay on link share app: Link Sharing

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Hi there!

Please PM @DimitriB to discuss your report. Hopefully you guys can get things resolved.

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Yeah I PMed him. Thanks

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