Unworthy report

Dear Sir/Madam…

I have been reported for spamming my altitudes to the ATC while what happened is; He gave me the clearance for landing and just before it, I made a go around since there was a plane lining up on the runway, which is the tower’s problem. After doing so, I have been switched to the approach frequency and giving him my position and the request to approach the runway, I accidently requested him a gps approach but sent him a message for correction and reannounced that I need an ILS approach, this was from the approach atc point of view is that it is spamming but as you can see, it might look like he missunderstood my intentions.

What I want to ask for is, firstly make a report for the Tower control since he gave me the clearance with an aeroplane on the runway lining up. Secondly, and most important to forgive about the report sent to me as I would not be able to go for the expert server and will not be able to make any flights before a week and my subscription is just a month, this flight was the last one in my account. Thank you for your support in advance.

Kind regards…
Khaled Attia.

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Please go into your logbook and give the controller name. The controller will pm you since low level trust.

It is advised to PM that controller that you are mentioning. However, at the same time it seems like you still don’t have the ability to start a PM, if you can tell us the controller name then we can help you find him.

Also moved this to #live for you, as there’s nothing wrong with the game in your case ;)

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I’ve never seen a controller ghost someone after the person used the “correction” and restated intentions… hmmm

This can be, and is, done all the time. (I know different in Europe and elsewhere, but that isn’t the standard under which operations are handled in IF)

Yeah! Exactly

Here is the controler’s details guys, and thank you for your support.

@Ethan_Hansen is your guy. :)


I need to contact him if it is possible to forgive or ammend his report. How could I do so?

You can just start a PM with him.

I will contact you