Unwanted reverse and brake deselection during deceleration

Hi Folks,

I’m encountering some unwanted troubles since the last update.
Unfortunately, during decelerating the aircraft after landing through ~105kts, IF disables the reverse thrust and manual brakes automatically and unwanted.

At the beginnen I thought that my fingers might have skidded off the control surface, but after encountering this problem several times I recently focussed on that issue and I’m now rather sure, that my fingers do not change position.
However, the reverse thrust goes back to idle and the braking back to 0% at every landing roll.

I’m using IphoneX and IF versoion 19.4.7287.42708.

Is there anybody out there having comparable issues? Or maybe even a solution for this “Bug”? Because the current situation is not really a satisfiyng IF experience.

As a general suggestion: I would prefer a selectable “Autobrake Mode” rather than manual brakes only…

Thanks and best regards


IF disables reverse thrust at 30-35 knots ground speed. You shouldn’t have the brakes on unless you are using APPR for your complete landing, or have put them on yourself.


Yeah, I know it will be disabled at 30kts GS. But, as I wrote, in my case both options are disengaged at roughly above 100kts IAS. So that’s a whole different thing I guess (plus there is no such auto-disabling for the brakes).

I believe you can disable the brakes before landing.

Are you sure you aren’t letting your finger slip off the screen slightly? I’m not experiencing this on my device when I use reverse thrust. I know you’ve already mentioned this but on a phone this is very easy to do.

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Just to clarify, it’s not about disabling the brakes. It becomes disabled AUTOMATICALLY during usage of the manual braking, and that truly isn’t helpful when you want to decelerate the aircraft :D

Well, as I said… I was assuming similar. But, after testing lot’s of times now, I don’t believe that my fingers slip off EVERY single time at 105 kts… For me this is kind of “too much coincidence”.

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Well here’s your reason. You manually override it, turning it off.

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Sorry to be so harsh, but you don’t get it!

I do not use the parking brake for landing. Step by step:

  1. Touchdown
  2. pulling back Thrustlever to Reverse
  3. starting manual braking
  4. passing ~105kts IAS -> automatic disengagement of manual brakes + reverse thrust (both going to 0% position) without changing position or pressure of fingers.

As said before, I’m encountering this bug every time, and it’s always at a similar airspeed of roughly 105kts, so I do not believe in a coincidence that my fingers slide off the controls both at the same time and always at the same airspeed.

Hope this clarifies it once again!



Hmmm I’ve never seen that before. Can you record the screen (not a replay) while you are landing and upload it to YouTube and share the link?

Ok. I obviously don’t understand the situation too well. I’ll pass this onto others, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you in this case!

Will do so in the evening!

@Ecoops123: Anyhow, thanks for you effort! :)

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Additionally, it would be of great help if you turned on “Show touches” in the settings before recording the video. That way we’ll see exactly what the app is detecting.


Hey guys, sorry for letting you wait, was on duty outside base the last days…

Actually I couldnt figure out how to turn on “show touches” at the Iphone X! also google didnt really help me out, there was an advise regarding assistive touch but that is a total different animal… Is a seperate software required to do so?

At the Home screen go to Settings -> General -> Show Touches.

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In the app, just to clarify. It’s not an iOS feature, but something we’ve added in the app :)

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I‘m sorry, obviously this was too easy to recognize 😂

Managed it, here‘s the video:

Especially interesting are, in my opinion, the moments where both brakes and reverse are „jumping“ back to 0 at the absolute same time (0:44 and 1:15)…

Well that’s certainly very strange. When they do deactivate the touches stop showing, which means the app isn’t detecting those touches anymore. If it’s the app’s problem, I can’t really be much help. If it isn’t, then it could be a problem with your device screen, or you are releasing it by accident. It’s probably more likely one of those 2 as no one else is experiencing the same issue. Just my theory and I could be wrong though.

nice landing btw ;)

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Yeah. Looks like the app isn’t detecting any screen inputs.

Not sure if there’s an app to test longer taps… but this smells touch detection error on the device.

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