I’ve noticed that many SIDS and STARS include waypoints that seem unusual like these:

I was just wondering why these waypoints in these procedures take you so far to the left/right.

Thanks, Jacob


The first image is to avoid terrain I think. That’s a real procedure. That airport has a lot of terrain thus why that is in place.

I flew that departure yesterday and didn’t fly to that VOR. I didn’t crash into any terrain. Also, there isn’t terrain straight in front of the runway at Queenstown for quite a few miles:

I genuinely would love the answer to this question cause I’ve noticed this aswell

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Oh, and the second one is the missed approach fix.

Most of these waypoints are the missed approach vectors.

Also, most airports, when using VORs, will use the radial axes as “waypoints”, however in IF, they are registered as a waypoint right in the center of the VOR

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Oh it’s a departure. Thought it was an arrival first glance my mistake. Anyways that the information provided by their provider

Thanks for explaining that second one. The first image is a departure. What I don’t understand is why the SID would start at waypoint/VOR that much off course?

Its because the current system in place is incomplete and doesn’t account for arcs or visual turns among other features sometimes present in procedures. For example, if we take a look at your first SID here, this is EPDEX3C. In the chart, it starts off with a visual left turn to stay away from the nearby mountains before intercepting an outbound course from the QN VOR. Infinite Flight does not recognize this which is why it won’t show it. It is more than likely the same case at ZSPD, although you didn’t provide the name of the procedure so I can’t find it. Its important to always use official charts to verify the integrity of the Infinite Flight ones as infinite flight treats everything as a GPS direct instead of recognizing differences.


Here’s the chart that shows how you should fly the SID. Hope this helps:


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