Unusual/interesting aircraft construction

Hi everyone, here you can discuss unusual construction of old aircraft, interesting change in modern aircraft and post photos. Have you everyone heard about TU-144? Russia commercial supersonic planes(looks very similar to concorde), it is interesting that it had little wings (opening on approach). They we’re making it more stabile and helping to reduce speed. They’re not boeing used anymore, (really pity 😭)image


They haven’t been used since the 20th century

Yes, but i think they’re quite fast and comfortable, but they used really much fuel

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The Tu-144 is basically concorde but with less range and other cons.

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Yes but it had its own editions, still looks as good as concorde

ah yes the “concordski” famous for being defening in flight due to the unique heat exchange system they used 😂 dont get me wrong, quite the aircraft, the canards certainly look cool

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Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie…


and tons more dangerous too

Thats not what we have here

Same thing.

I think it looks better.

Quite interesting, can you give some more information?

Its called the Britten-Norman Trislander. Cool aircraft. Used in most Pacific islands and stuff

Thank you, thats amazing

These were never built, but I find the Boeing 2707 and Boeing Sonic Cruiser to be pretty interesting concepts. The Boeing 2707 did get a mock up though.

Boeing Sonic Cruiser:

Boeing 2707:

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Amazing! 😃😃😃

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