Unusual drop in FPS when controlling aircraft

Context moment: ! just finished a 7 hour flight and for some reason on final, the fps would drop when I control my aircraft manually.

Now, this is the second time it happened. The first time was settled with an app restart. However this time I was unable to do that because I was on final.

Here are some details:
Ipad(7th generation)
Version 15.2
Strorage left:51.24GB\

Number of encounters with the bug:2
Lowest fps recorded:3fps
How was it reproduced: turning/yawing/pitching the aircraft

Graphics(Up to down)Low/Medium/High/Medium
Max frame rate limit:30fps
Aircraft count: Low at the time
This bug comes quite rarely.
No idea if there are multiple ways(I tried clearing cache btw)

Hey there,
I think this may happen because when autopilot is off, you are inputting more things into the sim that your device has to render, which may decrease FPS count and more.
Hope this helps!

Hmm mind if you elaborate and maybe give examples on this?


Sure, no worries. So when you are manually flying the aircraft, you are moving the aircraft around a little more then with AP is on (AP is more accurate in most situations). Therefore, your device has to render the additional movements which may decrease the quality, etc.

Understandable enough

Hence a restart should solve this issue(at least majority of the time) right?

I think most of the time it should, but in your situation, it may be better to clear up some space on your device because the rendering capabilities on your device will increase with the increased storage space.

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