Unusual Battery Drain

Earlier on when global came out, I don’t think my battery was draining so much as it is now. If I was doing a 3 hour flight from say 10% by the end it would reach 100% without a problem. Now though it’s just gotten to be horrible.

I’m using a Samsung s8, power saving on, lowest brightness, while charging it with a Samsung Fast Charger. Now I turned down my graphic settings to medium as I thought that might help. It still only charges around 2% every 10 minutes.

As an example, I was doing an overnight 6 and half hour flight, I started the flight at around 5%, when I woke up it had only just reached 80%. And I don’t think it’s my battery/charger as while it’s off the phone fully charges in around an hour and 45 minutes.

I get that this is a demanding game but judging that I have taken all measures that I can to reduce battery life drain as well as having one of the best phones on the market, I didn’t think it would be this bad.

Have you tried different power outlets?

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This may sound stupid, but I have found that if I’m not careful, I kind of rest my hand on the charging port, which can gradually bend the connector and cause it to lose the solidity of the connection. Generally, this leads to the fast charger not actually fast charging (verify that when plugged into the fast charger, it actually says fast charging on the notifications screen). This is resolved by simply purchasing a new cable. [The actual plug is typically just fine. It’s the point of connection at the phone that’s at issue.]

Routine restarts are also a good idea.

But, as with any rechargeable battery, the older they are, the less they behave as they did when they were new.

[I’m just spit-balling here, but it’s generally the case when i find myself in this situation on my S7.]


I own a galaxy s8, my phone charges fine over night while Infinite Flight is running the difference is that i turn off fast charging in the settings. use standard charging instead of fast charging when flying.

Ye actually that has happened with pretty much all my cables, i have to bend them a certain way for my phone to fast charge, i sometimes place the edge of the cable on a small stand on my desk and let my phone drop down a bit, as that way the cable will push forward and the phone will charge. I do check everytime i plug it in if its fast charging or not though.

@Ryan_Vidad yes ive tried them in my room, the sitting room, under my computer, and in the kitchen. There could be a slight difference between them but not enough to justify the amount it should recharge while playing the game.

@Mickell_Augustine im pretty sure standard charging takes like 20-30 minutes longer to charge than fast. Surely it would be worse? Ill try it, maybe im wrong.

No. There is a reason your phone gets hot when fast charging. fast charging uses alot of power while standard charging does not. I’m telling you this from experience. when you try it and you’ll see.

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My phone doesnt get hot though. Only on 10+ hours maybe. On <2 hours it can maybe start to warm up a tiny bit, but feels the same for the most part. As im asking about charging times, i was confused as to why would standard be faster as the supposed faster one actually has ‘fast’ in the name. Ill try it out though and test it for a few minutes, and get back to you.


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Well i have tested it out a few times but to no avail. Earlier i was on 57% and with standard it said 57 minutes. However a couple minutes later it was already saying 4hrs. So as in it always changes and never stays the same. After 1 and half hours i walked away with around 2 extra percent granted it was on that 4 hour mark. Im not sure if its my cable/phone or something else. Im getting a wireless charger in the mail in a few days so ill have to test that one out.

I can say after doing that though, i turned fast back on and it started to charge noticeably quicker. Not as fast as i want it to, or how it was when global came out, but i think it did around 2% in 5mins, so around twice as quick as before. Let me know if there is anything else i can try.


First off make sure you have a high quality charger. Not a gas station 2.99 one. The adapter for the wall makes a difference with the voltage. I found if I am plugged into USB it does not charge as well as if it was into the wall.

Setting the low power mode is a good idea but also I found turning my screen all the way down makes a big difference. You are using battery vs charging so there is a balance that needs to be found.

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All my chargers are either the ones that came in the box or ones that i bought from the samsung store. Its not not directly in the wall i have a 2 into 3 adapter, I doubt that makes a difference though, plus its the same one ive used since i got the s8. Every screen setting is turned to minimum (when its night in game and dark in the room I actually cant even see my phone on the ground).

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Go into your battery settings and see if you can see what is draining the battery. Sometimes another app’s ad service will poll often and kill battery life.


I also had the same issue, in the beginning.

My solution: I bought a new device charger, always turn on the power saver option during cruising altitude, lower the brightness of my device, and I make sure it’s in a well ventilated area.

I hope this helps, somehow.

Hmmmm, Im going to be doing an overnight in an hour or two so ill try and get the battery to around 5% and before i start the game ill try and force stop all apps. Ill see whats happening then, cause i just took a look at battery consumption and IF was the highest but with only 22%, so maybe if i get rid of everything it could (hopefully) work normally.

Thanks a lot ill get back to you in a couple of hours and see if it worked.

Batteries and cables can degrade. The battery probably wouldn’t have aged enough since Global came out though.
However, fast charging can degrade your battery faster. Especially when doing it overnight.
While this may not completely fix the issue, I would recommend putting your settings to the lowest possible before you go to bed. You can put everything on high when your at your device, but once you’re in cruise and you aren’t paying attention, you should change everything that you can to the lowest possible setting.

i believe you completely degraded your battery because of the heat. 18 Months ago i had a sony xperia Z5 while playing it always charges but after a while the phone just stop charging while you are playing a game. The battery Percentage slowly goes down while its charging. I have to turn the screen off in order to charge my phone. Then i went ahead and bought a oneplus 3 a year ago thanks to its Dash charger my phone charges just as fast as if the screen was off, i’ll get a full battery in 1 hour while playing IF. However after 2 months a phone that gets me 5 hours screen on time can barely get 3 hours screen on time. I completely ruin my battery because of the fast charger.

If the standard charger doesn’t solve your problem you probably will have to change your S8 battery or buy a tablet i would recommend an ipad or S3 tab.

What version of the OS are you on? I have an older model (S7) but with the new OS, even that utilizes a lot of power saving options by shutting down unused processes and apps and I haven’t had any issues with charging, even with an older phone and older battery. Assuming the hardware is all fine, you might look to that. If you’re already doing that, your battery just might be done in due to excessive heat or other things.

Sorry everyone for the slow reply. I think it has gotten a bit better with me finding an option that I had previously not know about the, ‘Enable low power mode for long flights.’ I only noticed this after I reinstalled the game due to another issue. It has been working a great deal better and it does charge at a relatively acceptable rate.

I also tried changing my normal view on overnights to HUB 2 just to try it out and see. Overall it doesn’t charge as quickly as before but for the most part I don’t think it’s too horrible now.

And to answer your question @Tim_B I believe I am one minor update behind as I’m never really bothered to upgrade as soon as they come out.

I don’t think my battery is fried up or anything due to the fact that it charges at normal speeds while not in game.

Thanks everybody for your help though!

my phone gets very hot when I run infinite flight and sometimes I get to load it

Can be closed now, thanks.

Thank you everyone for the input!