Unusual App crash problem

I am facing an unusual issue. The flights randomly crash and the reason it displays is that the account is being used somewhere else even when I am not sharing my account with anyone. The same issue is being faced by one of my friend @Arjun_Taneja . This has become more eminent and annoying. Please help me out ASAP.

You wouldn’t be attempting to use each others accounts by accident?

We need informations about your device and the version of Infinite Flight you are using

Not at all.

Device - Huawei p20 lite
App version - 20.1.2

Try logging out then delete the app then download it again and log back in!


Sure… Thanks for help man

No problem, message back once you have tried it!

Hello, can tell me your username and callsign in app please?

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Hi @AdamCallow Thanks for the concern but actually the problem has been resolved by @captainJONES. But thanks for showing up the concern ;)