Unusual aircraft at LHR.

Whilst dispatching a flight this morning I took a look over to 27R as one does, and I saw a very unfamiliar aircraft on its take off roll. I believe it’s an MD80(?) and in a livery I’ve never seen before. No airline operates these into Heathrow, so I was wondering if anyone on the forum has an eagle eye and could enlighten me to what it was!

It lifted off around 10:28Z this morning, and I couldn’t seem to find anything on FR24 in the brief moment I had. Zoom in just above the roof of the triple 7 I was sending out.

Excuse the photo’s, I only had my phone to whip out to get a quick snap.

I understand I cannot post in RWA yet, but if someone could move it I’d appreciate it.

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That’s the World Cup Brazil special livery Md80 I think

@jl27 Moved it for you. Hopefully someone here can recognize this and provide insight.

Congratulations on just reaching TL2 as well.

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If you work at Heathrow airport could you not ask people at the airport?

I believe the aircraft was indeed an MD83 owned by Danish Air Transport, on FR24 it’s apparently 27 years old.

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Huh, that’s very unusual but at the same time nice capture. I definitely wouldn’t be able to catch such a MD83. Thanks for sharing.

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Kind of you, thanks a bunch.

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It was leased for the World Cup 4 years ago judging by the livery

Thanks for the answers chaps, never even heard of Danish Air Transport. Quite a neat aircraft to see then.

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