Unusual Aircraft And Route Combo | Alaska A320 HNL-SFO-PDX

Hello there!

Yesterday in the spur of the moment I flew from Honolulu to San Francisco…. In the now retired Alaska A320.

Fun fact; Alaska sent some of their inherited ETOPS certified A320ceos, and a A21N or two here and there, on flights to Hawaii (at least to HNL and KOA from SFO). At least that was the case in parts of 2018.

I later turned around to hop up to Portland, which also saw Alaska’s A320 rather regularly.

mini mod repellent

Aircraft: A320, Alaska livery
Server: Expert
Cruise alt: 35,000ft then 34,000ft
When: yesterday (or whenever August 9 2023 was for you)

1| Departing Honolulu

2| Somewhere over the pacific about half way to SFO

3| Arriving at SFO which conveniently got ATC services a little ways before my arrival

4| kicking off the hop to Portland with a parallel takeoff of sorts between me and @RedWolf

5| Touchdown at Portland


Any of these photos stand out to you?

  • 1| Takeoff at HNL
  • 2| Over the Pacific
  • 3| Arriving at SFO
  • 4| Departing SFO
  • 5| Arriving at PDX
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Thanks for stopping by!


Cool shots!

RIP Alaska A320

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yk before AS got the A320’s, at VA they actually sent them to over here regularly

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I do, I saw a few instances of them doing so on the same route when I was finding more info about the flight

I saw you at HNL during this flight (and again today) while I was controlling. Nice shots

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That parallel departure was fun but I was surprised you sped up to catch up with me, did you do that for the photo? I think that doesn’t really happen at SFO, but anyways, cool shots.

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nope, not intentional it just sorta happened; I knew you started your takeoff run and I started mine when I lined up

maybe it seemed like I caught up because perhaps I was lighter (I had previously flew in and didn’t refuel) so I had better acceleration

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Nice pictures, a fun route, and some interesting AS A320 history… I got a nice 3 in 1 from this topic! Nice!

I remember a while back we basically got only AS A320s down from SEA and PDX here at John Wayne Airport, now we only have more 737s, not complaining, but they were fun to see all the time. I caught the Fly with Pride one one right before they were retired.

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The SFO arrivals are fun too. IRL, I’ve done a parallel landing with an El Al 789.