Unusual Aerobatics

Let me just start by saying, no planes or people were hurt in the making of this thread.

After binging a whole season of an Anime series I got bored and decided to hop into the E170 at LAX. I think you know what happened after that. There was also a fellow barrel-roller there in a 737.
Plane: Generic E170
Route: N/A (with a few loops)
Server: Casual

Try to spot the 737 in the background.

Have a good day/night and stay safe.


Just the normal day in the life of grease.

Butter forever

Great photos. 🙃

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Toast gang. 🍞

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A Normal Day In
infnite flight

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Lol, i just did that (I was bored so why not)


Nice, I must say we all do something like this when we’re bored…

Something fun to do when bored is to try to VTOL a long hauler with heavy winds… 😉 🌬


Flying on casual in a nutshell

This is amazing, full on grease

Seems like that the Casual server is now turning into “Airshow server”

Why am I starting to think that KLAX on Casual server is so quiet and innocent, but the craziest and most out of control out of any other airport on IF? What is wrong with me right now? 😂

try to go to EGLL then

EGLL is quite mature, but except for the ones who announce final approach at FL270

Announce Final at FL270? nah they are amateurs.

Ive announced Final in FL450

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Yeah righto I’ll see you at EGLL at 2020-04-15T23:00:00Z then on casual 😂

Tomorrow? why not right now? imma join to you

The casual server is chaos 😂😂😂

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Except for the people that occupy every taxiway that has access runway 27L. 😂

Seems like a normal day at KLAX.

I’m on Casual right now at EGLL, and everyone’s doing their job as blocking 27L big time

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