Unusual A318 Display

This in the cockpit of the a318 is something I’ve never seen, if it is a necessary dial which has been used many times in real aviation then please correct me, there are 3 individual letters (May Be Deemed Innapropriate) which are confusing me to why they are here; Something I’ve never seen.


I’m pretty sure the devs wouldn’t put a display with “STD’s” on it for a bad reason.


Pretty sure this is for protection.


Well I know that, just asking what it basically stands for. I’m attempting not to break rules, it just confuses me to why it is there.

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Is that meant to be Innapropriate? My mind say it a no no.


STD, short for Standard


Thanks! @DeerCrusher

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Please search the Internet before posting things on the forum, you could have gotten your answer much quicker


Well for some reason I searched a lot of things and nothing came up, so the community was my answer.

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Mods you can close this now.

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STD stands for standard pressure; aircraft altimeters utilize air pressure to determine altitude. The pilots can adjust the air pressure the altimeter considers as zero for different airports. STD is used by all aircraft in cruising to make sure planes are all on the same page. Standard pressure is 29.92 inHg or 1013 hPa.

Hope this helps!


Fair enough

Even if inappropriate, the people who would know what it means (in the aforementioned inappropriate context) are people who should have no issue with it.

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Or it could mean standby (not in this particular context), you really didn’t need to ask us. Just look it up next time :-)

I am glad people ask questions.


Ask as many questions as you like, don’t let any of these grumps tell you otherwise!

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This thread must be pretty close to the innorproitate line lol

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People are so dirty minded lmao


It could mean standard, or standby. I see nothing wrong with this, just a simple question of what it means.

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