[Untrue] Breaking: Water bombing aircraft crashes while fighting Portugal wildfires

##This is NOT fake news, but it is untrue.

One Portuguese official gave a report, others later said it was untrue and no plane had in fact crashed.

Early stages. Very little info. Please add below if and when it arrives

Edit 16:47: Reported to be a Canadair tanker near Pedrogao

Edit 19:13: Portuguese officials now denying any crash. ‘Confusion’ according to BBC


Fight fire with fire… Hmm


I really hope there are no casualties because the people involved with the flight were flying for a good cause.


I’ve heard it’s fake news from the BBC:

Confusion over Portugal plane crash claim - BBC News


Ha! Why do they do this to us?

Portuguese seem to be confused about whether it actually happened. Someone’s getting it in the neck

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Actually in some cases we do fight forest fires/wildfires with fire (drip torches to be exact) just another tactic to utilize depending on the strategy chosen by the commander based on weather conditions and resources readily available.

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I think this can be closed as it is fake news…

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