Unsure whether fuel is enough for this flight

I’m using a KLM 787-9 which has a max capacity of 19h30min of fuel. I’m flying from WSSS to TNCM which takes roughly 22h, will it be possible to stretch the fuel capacity by over 3 hours?

Passengers: 15
Cargo: 1,030kg each

Assuming I have trimmed properly and step-climbed.

Doesn’t sound promising…

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If you have free time try and test it yourself. I have doe so with the B777’s but not the B787’s so I can’t really give you an accurate answer myself.

It could be possible though, the B777’s can fly for longer than it shows on IF

I have flown over 26 hours on the 787-9, so yes it is possible. I suggest you check out this tutorial on how to increase range and improve endurance of the aircraft.

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Adding onto what @Maxim said, it’s definitely possible but not simple. The 788 has the longest legs of all the 787s so I would suggest trying it with that first.

Good Luck!

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