Unsure of ground procedure at WSSS/WSAC

Ok. So I was just controlling ground at WSSS. An aircraft spawned near WSAC by rwy 20L/02R. They requested taxi clearance. 20L/02R is not on the ATC list of runways, and the center and left rwys are FAR away with no way to taxi to them anyway. So I really can’t issue a taxi instruction. My question is, should those rwys be on the list? Or should this pilot not be contacting me and be on the unicom frequency instead?

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WSAC and WSSS are two different fields. You can’t control WSSS ground from WSAC tower (or vice versa). 20R/02L and 20C/02C are at WSSS. 02R/20L at WSAC.


Ok, Tyvm. I thought that was the case but I wanted to make sure. I’m not sure if I was the frequency they contacted by default, or if they changed frequencies to get in contact with me, but I didn’t think they should be contacting me for instructions.

Since you have been investing some time into ATC, you might want to look up charts for the airports you are controlling in.

I know the ATC in IF is not as complicated as real world but having a chart you can learn alot about the airport you are controlling in.

I do this for some airports from other countries before and while im controlling and it really helps.


I am a big fan of pilots and ATC doing their “homework” before jumping on line. Dosnt take more than a few minutes to search for the appropriate charts to see what are the correct procedure’s, even less if you want to check out flight tracker / radar 24 and see what the IRL pilots and ATC are doing!

This is for advanced ATC/Pilots as well as those on TS1…


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