Unsure if this is a bug or my iPad being dumb...

So currently trying to do an overnighter, my app is just randomly pausing itself, opening the map waypoint finder by itself, going to my account area that you click in top right of the screen itself. Like I’m trying to sleep, and it just keeps doing it. Happened once during my short haul earlier in the day. - Device has been restarted since then.

Using an IPad Pro (original 9.whatever inch) - has anyone else had this happen or just me?


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What year iPad Pro?

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Is your screen clean?


Do you have an invisible cat? That only steps on the top right corner?

In all seriousness, obviously something is causing the iPad to think there’s a touch happening at that point of the screen. It wouldn’t be related to IF.


I have seen this before on Android when I had a sub-par (cheap) charging cable.

Is there a pattern to when it happens? Are you always plugged in, etc. You may want to try do not disturb mode as there could be another app sending push notifications that cause IF to go into the background briefly which results in the pause screen.


This is a good shout as I have it on charge overnight s it doesn’t die. Will try a change of cable and se did that helps! Thanks

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Is this issue happening only on Infinite Flight? Or are there any other apps doing the similar thing?

It won’t be an issue with IF, It’s could be linked to having a low quality charger or bad battery.

Only Infinite Flight

Same charger I’ve had since I got the iPad a few years ago

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Well then for what we can confirm is that there doesn’t seem to be a general issue with your iPad for now. Then we will have to investigate further what might cause this issue.
The iPad won’t just start bugging out suddenly on the same charger so I don’t think there is something to do with the charger.
One commonality between the spots that you have provided is that they are all located near the corners of the screen. This might be due to a touch layer issue with the iPad.
My suggestion is to actually find help from Apple Support, as they will best know how to handle this kind of situation.

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