Unsuccessful Recconection of Bluetooth Controllers

As a wireless controller user, I would like to be able to use such after long periods of time, where the controller can time-out and power off (example Dualshock Controller on PS4).

Typically the controller is detected with no issues on a fresh startup, however when this is reconnected to the device, the application shows the controller as an available device (sometimes shown even when the controller has been clearly disconnected via shutting off bluetooth). There is no current workaround even holding a button, since the controller times out when a button is held high as well.

Can a feature or option to re-search for a device, after reconnection of bluetooth? Or a way to force switch between controller and accelerometer controls (without reassign the control bindings everytime).

Device: iPad 2021 Model
Operating system: iOS 15.5


This seems more like a Features request for something that already exists. There’s a topic attached below that explains how best to use X-BOX and PS4 controllers to Infinite Flight.

If it is support that you intend from this topic, perhaps you could re-word your needs? Then we can get straight to helping you.


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Thanks for the quick reply! I agree, this may be more applicable to #features, hoping it can be determined after this clarification. This was my first source as well and even the video referred to explains the issue I’m having, here is a picture maybe it will make more sense this way if the tutorial tells you of the shortcoming and that many people are also having it will help get some traction

The issue is that the game does not allow the reconnection or addition of a new device when a session is open (solo, online, etc). However when you close a session after the controller had been connected and used previously you can add the same controller as a new device (which may require remapping of sticks every time the device is added). Allowing to remap a new or existing controller after timeout is way better than getting stuck with tilt controls and having to remap those everytime.

To recreate:

  1. Connect controller
  2. Fly with controller
  3. Wait for controller to turn off (via auto-timeout or battery discharge)
  4. While stilly flying in the same session, turn on previous controller and attempt to use or map. This step is were the failure happens.
  5. Current workaround, remap tilt controls.
  6. Other intrusive workaround, end session and remap controller, start from step 2.

Note: holding any button, analog stick, trigger when the controller is on will not keep controller from timing out (constant input change is required to reset auto wake-up).


Thanks for the feed back 😅

For sure! Just want to get my monthly $10 subscription be put to good use. Hopefully the developers see it this way too, considering it’s such a simple issue with LOTS of customer value added.

Nobody from support here? Or is this the norm?


Do you have a usb so it can stay on and connected for the duration of the flight?
I used to fly with my Xbox controller and I would have my Xbox USB cord connected and I was able to finish the flight with a full battery.

Hope this helps!


I don’t think Infinite flight was ever designed to fly with a controller, but maybe someone has a good suggestion

It technically isn’t but it is possible, I have an IOS device and works just fine, but most of the time it either dies and I have to end the flight because all the “controls” are linked or “connected” to the controller.

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Essentially any cable that you attach will not keep a controller turned on, try it yourself after leaving it alone for 30 minutes. I bought an adapter that connects directly to the iPad, but the connection will not be wired, it will be via bluetooth regardless. Thus the auto turn off function will be active. Maybe an xbox controller could do the trick but this was witnessed with a Dualshock controller.

Unfortunately accepting that this was not meant to be used with a controller is not acceptable, updates are constantly made to the engine and application and these things can be enhanced and even fully discontinued if developers want to.

Surely somebody did not capture a full set of requirements and test objectives to catch this simple issue during integration testing, and as a paying member I’d like to support where I can, simple as that.

Anybody from support? There is no fix or workaround for this no matter what you do…

Might be prudent to be aware of this for next time:

Regarding the issue - there’s unfortunately no fix or workaround as you’ve mentioned. Our control system is configured when the app is launched, so it detects all connected controllers to your device at that point. If a controller is then disconnected, it will be “lost” by the app for the remainder of the app session.

We’re aware of this not being optimal. Far from it. And our intentions are to rebuild this system that would fix this issue, but we can’t say when that will be unfortunately.


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