Unsuccessful purchased for subscription

Hi. I was able to load my gcash for Subscription amounting 2500 pesos but as I am going to subscribe for 6 months it says that payment unsuccessful. I have here the reference number of my payment and it says here that I have purchased it but I wasnt able to play

Is this your first Pro Subscription purchase?

Nope. This is my second time. I have received a text that my transaction is successful in fds but as I check at my infinite flight subscription, I wasn’t able to subscribe as my card is already 0 balance

Okay, for some reason the purchase in the App Store is not syncing with Infinite Flight. Could you please close Infinite Flight, restart your device and then try again? If this doesn’t work you can delete Infinite Flight and reinstall it as a last resort.

Take note that you’ll want to save your replays somewhere before you delete the app though.

I already tried it but still is says payment unsuccesful

I think I misunderstood you. If your card has a 0 balance then I assumed that your purchase went through. Can you see the purchase history and clarify if a subscription was purchased with today’s date: 09-12-2019 or 10-12-2019 depending on where you live.

I will check it today. Thanks for the help mate

Hi as I have asked the customer service, it says that the transaction is successful. As ai have followed steps you provided, still no active subscription on my account

I’ve already followed those instructions that you have gave me but I still canno’t access the subscription

Handled via email support: No active subscription even the payment is successful