Unsteady takeoff

Always that I want to fly and I am taking off the plane goes right or left without moving the yoke or rudder and I dont know why it is.

P.S: it always happens to me on v1 rotate.
thank you all

You need to use your rudder, also put your alierons into the wind when on takeoff roll.

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You are veering left and right due to crosswinds. Use the rudder to conteract this:

If you veer right, move the rudder left
If you veer left, move the rudder right

Also use your alierons

thanks, but didnt catch the thing of adding spoilers.

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Watch this tutorial by our lovely Deer. It’s for the CRJ but the basic idea of putting alierons into the wind is the same across most aircraft (airliners etc.) in IF.


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