Unstable Live Server Connection

Hey everyone,

As of recently, I have been having issues with live server connection as, once every few minutes, the live server cuts off completely for about 5-15 seconds. It stays as normal until a couple minutes later it cuts itself off again. And the cycle continues. I have tried different methods such as using different network connections, switching to cellular, restarting the router and device, etc. Note that my internet is stable across other devices and in my main device, just not in IF.

In case you need it, I use a:

Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB.

I’ll be able to replicate if necessary.

Hmm…your device is only 2 years old so…its most likely a problem with connection…

Id think so, but seeing how many workarounds I’ve tried, it’s looking less and less likely.

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Yeah…that’s what I’m thinking…

I had this problem until I realised my internet cable wasn’t plugged in properly. See if that works

Internet cable seems good on my end. Tried fiddling around a bit and still managed to replicate it.

Try resetting your internet modem

That I’ve tried to no avail. See the things I’ve ready tried 🙃

Restarting the router does not necessarily mean you’re resetting it. Go on Google and search up “How to reset a *insert broadband provider* modem.”

I have experienced this also. At first I thought it was my WiFi but it isn’t

I’ve tried that. Not much of a difference. I am convinced it’s not related to my internet.

I’ve had the same issue, I usually turn off my phone wi-fi then turn it back on and I’m good to go, but I still have issues with the live server connecting just on the cellular network

Again, that’s one workaround I’ve tried numerous times.


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