Unseen Until Now 737 MAXs in the Snow!


I Thought I could take some pictures of the Boeing field full of new MAXs in the snow for the IFC, it was -5* C and the planes looked cool with the snow! ;)

Brand new Jet Airways 737 MAX 8 in the snow!

Brand New Icelandair 737 MAX 9 in the snow!

Alaskan MAX 9, BA MAX 8, TUI MAX 8, Two Air Canada 737 MAX 8s and 2 China Southern MAX 9s.

United MAX 8 and unknown MAX 8

TUI MAX 8 Doing Rudder Tests

The Aircraft were over a mile away, so there is a bit of haze. Pardon the blurriness, please :)
There is one unknown airline, so If you know what it is, please tell me.

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NOTE: Alot of these MAX-airline combinations haven’t come out yet, but this is the backstage and they are doing tests before being relesased.



Hardly see photos on IFC on a snowy day. Love the photos, keep up the good work.


Thank you!


You can imagine me in the snow and the wind with 65X zoom trying not to move :)


You sure the rudder wasn’t just blown in the wind?


Oh, I didn’t know wind could do that… maybe then.


Ya, the rudder (and other control surfaces for that matter) aren’t really held in place when the aircraft isn’t on, so that’s why you will sometimes see at long terminals all them blown in one direction.


Oh, you learn something new every day!


No problem! Glad to let you know! 😁


I’ve also spent way to much time trying to sort this out, but I don’t see any tails that match on Boeing’s list of operators, but there is a tab for unidentified Operations, and you can’t ruel out a special livery I suppose, so you might have something cool on you’re hands there…


Ok, thank you, sounds cool!


That Icelandair 737max is actually a MAX 9, the first one they will receive sometime soon. 😊


That is pretty cool! It was pretty lucky of you to get to see those aircraft! :)


Thank you, I fixed that :)


Thank you!


What’s that in the back in pick number 3? Kinda looks like BA, maybe a special livery?


It’s BA but they already painted the red but the sticker for the blue is still on.


An Alaska Airlines max8!?!


I think it might be a special for Sunwing. Look at this MAX 8:

Credit: JP

Look at the identation in the G. It’s identical. The leg of the N is also in the right spot. Also, if you look at the Suwning maxes, their tails are the same color as their winglets, which is also true of the one in question. I’m 99% convinced it’s a Sunwing.


I can’t wait to see what the Alaska Max looks like…

Anyways, pretty decent shots you have here! Nice work @robertine!