Unscramble the destination (Marco_Rivera won!) /Heraklion

Just try to find this EasyJet destination :)
Say which time you found it :)


What is the letter on the bottom centre?

It’s the A letter of EasyJet font

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Using all the letters?

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This is not an EZY question.


I see Korea, but I don’t think eastJest flies their.

I’m actually very new here. By the way It should be Heraklion, Crete.


You got it !!!
By the way regulars please stop to changing category or name of my topic without advise me.
Regulars don’t have to edit other Regulars :)
@anon31652286 + @emil


You do it wrong, and then I don´t care if you´re a regular of New User. I have other things in life than sending messages to strangers on the internet. :)

Please take care of regular rules…
Flagged my topic to get it closed before starting to be off topic

@Emil changed it to RWA (which is correct) and I changed the title from find the destination to unscramble the destinations. I just changed it to what was relating to the topic better.


Yes but please advise me next time
I can do it myself and at this case, it showed that the topic creator changed himself and not by another user

As per the rules, regulars shouldn’t change other regulars’ topics but regulars shouldn’t really be placing it in the incorrect category in the first place.