Unsafe practice on the C208?


I was watching this video earlier, and what baffles me is that the pilots cockpit is right out in the open, on passenger flights! That’s very dangerous, some crazy hijacker could just knock out both the pilots out if he/she wanted to and bring the plane to the ground. Anyone know why it’s like this??

By the way, this is definitely a cool trip report, give it a watch!


I’m pretty sure many private aircraft are like this. Also, it looks like it would be pretty hard to fit a door in there.


I think smaller aircraft don’t have to meet the same requirements as 737s or A320s although I’m not certain.


It’s not private, Southern Airways is a passenger airline with regularly scheduled flights


I was surprised too. My instructor always locks the doors on our plane before we leave it.


If hijacked… The plane wouldn’t cause as much destruction or death as would a B737.

So with space restrictions, they take the chance


As My grandfather has a Grand Caravan EX to commute to his ranch. We obviously wouldn’t use it with someone who would try that, but in planes like that there are many company’s that don’t have a curtain just due to the nature that 208’s aren’t used that much for passengers usually skydiving or freight or private use and rarely for commericial purposes. As I do take lessons our Caravan I find it very safe and without a doubt I think the passengers could help that’s one passenger.


To add on: usually the only “Commercial” use any 208’s see are little tiny hoppers, sightseeing, or inaccessible lakes. Also the sight seeing is due to the very big windows that are in the 208’s.


It is a part 135 operation. They are allowed to have the cockpit door open. Part 135 flights do not have the same security measures as the part 121 airliners do.


its kind of how like people are not scared of people going on a bus and blowing it up

why would a terrorist target such a small target?


Exactly what I was going to say. I don’t see terrorists doing a lot of damage in a c208 too.


@RTG113…MaxSez: What a stretch! There are no records of this type Aircraft Commercial or GA ever being commandeered, hijacked let alone involved in a terrorist type incident. Cite me an incident of record that would warrant adding a security bulkhead to a commercial Caravan, Grand Caravan or a Cargo-Master. Support your unsafe supposition with a rationale if you will? Coulda, Wouda, Shoulda Don’t count. LOL,


Exactly this. Organizations operating under Part 135 have far less stringent rules than a 121. If an airline were to file under 121, they’d have to document and put together an incredibly detailed plan of nearly every single facet of everyday operations. Due to the way SAE operates, they don’t need a 121 certification.


I’d say there’s a very small chance of someone hijacking a Cessna Grand Caravan lol. I’d focus my worries on something more reasonable like getting hit by a bus, or a super volcano erupting…may give this a watch for the trip report though! 👍


Honestly it’s highly doubtful. Even though these smaller commuter airlines fall under part 135 and not the part 121 airlines fall under and there security, the pilots of these 135 carriers can request any pax baggage to be searched if they have a suspicion and can also deny them even if they bought a ticket.


Also even if a terroist does something andnknocks our the pilot then all someone who has and idea how to fly a plane can somewhat let’s hope land it because it is a relatively easy plane to land once you get a hang of it and can land in almost anything.


MaxSez: I love out of your butt topics like this! I call it a “Fishing Topic”.
The Authors is the fisherman, he throws out the bait and the little guppy spawn. Good catch @RTG113… you’ve landed 16 thus far.


I mean, an aircraft like this (small and short length aircraft) doesn’t needed FAA approved closed cockpits. I’ve been studying on stuff like this. Yes though it would be easy to take down the plane if they wanted but lets hope no one will do it


Not dangerous at all. This airline is a part 135 airline which means that they do not fall under the part 121 air carrier rules that most legacy and regional airlines follow. There is also a very slim chance of someone hijacking a small airplane since there wouldn’t be much with in having 9 people on board. Also may I had that regional airline that operate aircraft hat have less than 50 pax do not need to go through screening unless the pilots or Airline has suspesion


I don’t think it’s really worth securing a GA plane, which flies in 10 passengers for 30 minutes maximum, with a massive door. A C208 also doesn’t seem to be aim No 1 for Hijackers…